rain cloud

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a dark grey cloud bearing rain

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When they got there they saw the rain cloud to decorate the door
That's why a team of research meteorologists spent the past three weeks in a pair of airplanes, zigzagging over the Cascade Mountains near Santiam Pass and putting together an electronic picture of what happens when a fast-moving river of rain clouds hits a rock wall.
Rain clouds may bring light showers on the western coastal areas of Abu Dhabi by evening, according to the three-day forecast issued late Tuesday night by the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology.
At the mere hint of a rain cloud, straightened hair fuzzes, make-up runs andwe all dive for shelter.
With the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) forecasting that intensifying El Nino conditions may bring heavy and more frequent rainfall over the Arabian Peninsula this winter and in spring next year, Farrah said this only means one thing: their cloud seeding operations will also increase to maximise the potential of every rain cloud that forms in the UAE.
MAKE A RAIN CLOUD This is an experiment which will delight budding meteorologists as they'll be creating their very own cloud in a jar.
It has had one or two reported problems, such as that its sleek black skin is damaged by rainwater, making it vulnerable to detection, and that its radar could not tell the difference between a rain cloud and a mountain.
Forecasters are now predicting prolonged warm sunshine and barely a rain cloud on the horizon.
It's a clump of clouds, a large area of rain cloud and the chances of the rain clouds clearing for two minutes to let people see the total eclipse are practically zero.
They detected this celestial rain cloud on the edge of our own Milky Way galaxy, and close to the Orion nebula.
A MOTORIST mistook a rain cloud for smoke at a posh hotel and sparked a full-scale fire alert.
The Tribute in Light, representing the fallen Twin Towers, poignantly illuminated a rain cloud over Manhattan, New York.
The rain clouds will be accompanied by fresh to strong winds that would make the sea rough to very rough.
The ice clouds at Titan's pole don't form in the same way as Earth's familiar rain clouds.
And the dreaded rain clouds visited events from the Royal Welsh, the National Eisteddfod and Cardiff Bay Beach.