rain cloud

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a dark grey cloud bearing rain

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When they got there they saw the rain cloud to decorate the door
That's why a team of research meteorologists spent the past three weeks in a pair of airplanes, zigzagging over the Cascade Mountains near Santiam Pass and putting together an electronic picture of what happens when a fast-moving river of rain clouds hits a rock wall.
Edmonds, 57, sparked a cosmic belief craze when viewers of his cult Channel 4 show noticed drawings including a heart, star and rain cloud on his hand.
MAKE A RAIN CLOUD This is an experiment which will delight budding meteorologists as they'll be creating their very own cloud in a jar.
Forecasters are now predicting prolonged warm sunshine and barely a rain cloud on the horizon.
A MOTORIST mistook a rain cloud for smoke at a posh hotel and sparked a full-scale fire alert.
The Tribute in Light, representing the fallen Twin Towers, poignantly illuminated a rain cloud over Manhattan, New York.
There is a chance of rain cloud formation on Wednesday afternoon that may bring heavy rain in Fujairah and different intensities of rain other northeastern parts of the country and coastal areas such as Dubai and Sharjah.
With rain clouds in the east, the western part of the country will experience a drop in temperatures.
Heavy rains hit parts of Metro Manila yesterday afternoon due to warm ground temperatures that caused rain clouds to form.
32 IT seems now only grey clouds fill the sky, The stars no longer twinkle now you're gone, I watch these long dark time clouds pass me by, Where youthful, happy energy once shone, Among the stars for years we loved and laughed, You had me creased so much it hurt my bones, It's too bad then those great days didn't last, For now I face these darkened clouds alone, But I won't spend my lonely years in pain, Worrying over all the grey to come, For every time I get soaked by the rain, I'll think of you and glow just like the sun, So let these rain clouds bring the coldest storm, With you in mind I'll be forever warm.
The UAE horizon was painted in a variety of hues and made for some stunning captures as the rain clouds floated to Ajman, Umm Al Quwain andFujairah.
Temperatures will stay around 26degC today but the sun will disappear behind the rain clouds at about 10am.
Rain clouds are expected to form over the Muscat region on Monday.
I'm not going to don a technicolour dreamcoat and predict seven years of famine will follow the football feast here, but I just hope we are putting enough away while the sun is shining to cover ourselves if or when the rain clouds return.