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a promise that an unaccepted offer will be renewed in the future

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a ticket stub entitling the holder to admission to a future event if the scheduled event was cancelled due to rain

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Though we had to take a rain check for offshore fishing, we still ended up with a great day.
The soaring temperatures of last week are gone and we'll take a rain check as we go along with regards to watering during the week.
Here, Gok reveals his 10 insider hints and tricks for making this spring an altogether sunnier fashion experience: 1 LIGHT LAYERS Take a rain check on the heavy winter coats and knits and dress for the weather forecast instead.
The rain check on payments was done as a way to help in reducing losses as well as the weakness of production and sales due that resulted from the disruption of normal business life during the revolution.
If you need to take a rain check on something, do it.
Acknowledge the kind invitation and, if you sincerely would like a rain check, ask for one, but otherwise don't.
If the bad blood between the two states is buried once and for all, the DMK will have a huge rain check waiting encashment.
Tipp have some very good young players and maybe the disappointing defeat to Longford was the rain check they needed going into the final.
I don't have the courage to behave like that, and I've only got $92 and a rain check for some cheap underwear at Target.
To my mind Dean Ryan, the Gloucester director of rugby, is the outstanding candidate but he has taken a rain check.
I had been looking forward to a camping trip with friends to the Lake District which we have had to take a rain check on (no pun intended).
He came back to where I was checking out and asked if I'd like a rain check.
The unit's printer creates a rain check, thus eliminating traffic at the customer service desk.
Don't be surprised if they can't honor your rain check for the Carbine, though.
THE musical heaven that is the Godiva Festival is still a week away and tomorrow the Colosseum and the Colly crew are taking a rain check from putting the finishing touches to their contribution by showcasing three top-notch bands.