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a barrel used as a cistern to hold rainwater

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The heat exchanger is constructed using a standard 208L rain barrel ($25-50) and 150' of 5/8" copper pipe ($1-$2 per foot).
Consider creating a rain garden or collecting stormwater in a rain barrel for future use.
Throughout his text, Rushing introduces readers to green methods in gardening (many of which have been around for ages and lately rediscovered), such as how to make a rain barrel and how to compost.
On the veg plot, or to keep recently planted borders moist, install a seep or porous hose, which can be fixed to a rain barrel.
The main washing day started after Evensong on Sunday night, the copper had to be filled with water which, if you were lucky, came from the solitary cold tap over the sink, or more likely from a pump in the yard or even a rain barrel placed under the drainpipe.
John Swinney took shelter behind a rain barrel yesterday when the bullets started flying.
Buy a rain barrel to catch rainwater off your downs pouts and distribute that water to your garden.
Many varieties of rain barrel systems, starting at just $100, are available for home installation.
The simplest form of rainwater collection is also the most affordable: a rain barrel positioned under a gutter’s downspout.
And if you would like a sumptuous rain barrel for your garden, look up the The Oak Barrel Company, www.
Gold-level NC HealthyBuilt Home certification and Energy Star certification Formaldehyde-free insulation in walls with R-19 value Bands between floors and roof deck insulated with Icynene Energy Star rated heat pump with fresh air intake On-demand water heater Rain barrel for landscaping the entire house were locally harvested and milled, and oak flooring throughout the home came from a regional source.
Plants would normally get their water from rainfall, so why not disconnect the down-pipe and introduce a rain barrel that stores roof-water for when rain is scarce?
Buy a rain barrel and collect rainwater for watering grass, plants and vegetables and for reducing storm runoff.
A former Eugene lawyer drowned this week while trying to rescue a kitten from a rain barrel in her new home near Santa Fe, N.