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Kryukovsky Railway Car Building Works is a large industrial company in the Ukrainian city of Kremenchuk, manufacturing locomotives and multiple unit trains.
Stier's examination of railway car installations explores the implications of even subtly differing approaches to placing symbolic objects in memorial and muscological settings.
Through the scheduled round of testing, MHI-TES looks to confirm Dokodemo Door's safety and durability performance as a prelude to providing platform door systems that respond to the operating needs of a wide variety of railway cars used on railway lines having no TASC (train automatic stopping controller) systems.
The road had to be closed to accommodate the Grove units, which moved the shrink-wrapped railway car into the construction pit.
Hassan Zakaria, the president of Egyptian National Railways (ENR), along with a number of officials from Egypt's Transportation Ministry, conducted an unexpected visit to China at the beginning of last week, meeting with officials from the company SRN to discuss plans for the latter to purchase 700 railway cars at an estimated cost of $570m.
SAKARYA, Jan 13, 2011 (TUR) -- TUVASAS, an affiliate company of Turkish State Railways (TCDD), will manufacture railway cars for Iraqi State Railways.
Q I PARKED in an empty railway car park disabled bay, with my blue badge showing.
5 mln of railway car wheels are annually produced in the world, 40--50 % of which are produced and used in CIS countries.
A fire broke out in a railway car containing 900 kg of ammunition.
RAIL enthusiasts last night breathed a sigh of relief after a group of travellers agreed to move their vans from the Welsh Highland Railway car park in Porthmadog.
The suspect, who comes from Stoke-on-Trent, is being questioned in connection with the incident on November 1 when the woman was taken to the Rudyard Steam Railway car park, near Leek.
195: On August 24, 2002, between 8:12 PM and 11:45 PM, the Red Arrow, a legendary railway car, ran through the Swiss railway system.
The Friends meet every second Sunday of the month in the model railway car park at 2pm.
Megalomaniacal Oscar Jaffee (Gunton) has 16 hours on a Chicago-to-New York railway car to set things right.
This I knew to be good advice, having forgotten it momentarily and finding myself overwhelmed as one after the other they came through the window of my railway car enroute to Ahmanadab.