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Synonyms for railroading

the activity of designing and constructing and operating railroads

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What of Aunt Eliza's farm I was rich enough to quit railroading, but not rich enough to turn my back on big money--and I just couldn't help believing them two women.
Railroading fans, American popular culture musicologists, and academic libraries would also be well advised to add Wayne Erbsen's Native Ground CD music albums to their collections: "Singing Rails" (CD: NG-CD-910, $14.
Enhanced with more than 185 photos and diagrams, How To Design And Build Your Garden Railroad is the perfect "how to" introduction to creating a model railroading set-up in any kind of backyard garden or landscape.
Garden railroading doesn't have to be an expensive hobby, but one look at the layouts shows extensive networks of irrigation drip systems, landscaping, scenery configurations and electronics that make the engines come alive, blow their whistles and change tracks as they chug along.
17) Thus, when conductor Harry French began drinking as a teenager in the 1880s, because "all railroad men drank," he socialized into the masculine world of railroading.