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a tunnel through which the railroad track runs

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However, no road, transit, or railroad tunnel is immune to fire and the risks can be reduced if any or all of these structural, mechanical, and operating measures are followed.
into a railroad tunnel, only to be chased out by the roar of a locomotive whistle and bright light -- Bugs on one of those little one-man jobbies (what do they call them)?
Alongside that, its other boasts are somewhat small-bore: There's the railroad tunnel that's the "oldest south of the Mason-Dixon Line," and in the town square, the visitor's bureau notes, there's the "only outdoor statue of Confederate General Joseph Johnston.
French engineers at NFM Technologies in Lyon designed and built a boring machine almost 50 feet in diameter to excavate a railroad tunnel beneath the Dutch countryside without spoiling the picturesque landscape above.
One of the world's most dangerous tunnel projects has been Japan's underwater Seikan railroad tunnel, a 25-year undertaking begin in 1964.
The plaintiffs said they contracted pneumoconiosis, a lung disease, while constructing the Seikan (Aomori-Hakodate) undersea railroad tunnel connecting the largest main island of Honshu with the northernmost main island of Hokkaido.
Finally Cole reaches California, and locates Madge and her family working on a railroad tunnel.
Another innovation: downtown, SkyTrain goes through an abandoned railroad tunnel, the guideway stacked into two tiers to handle trains in both directions.
The event on March 14 will highlight CC-Link applications at a North American automotive plant, an Asian flat panel display manufacturing operation designed in North America, a North American packaging machine OEM that standardized on CC-Link IE (Industrial Ethernet), and an overview of the massive Long Island Railroad tunnel project in New York City connecting Long Island, Manhattan, and Queens, where CC-Link provided the communication backbone for tunnel boring conveyor systems and associated equipment.
They were boring a new railroad tunnel through the base of Mount Ulriken.
Route 70, suspicious activity by the railroad tunnel.
It is also a unique place to visit in that it is accessed via the Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel, originally a World War II railroad tunnel that was converted in the year 2000 to allow vehicle traffic and the only way in and out of Whittier by land.
The developer proposes building an underground Metrolink station 300 feet below the project in the existing 100-year-old railroad tunnel in one of the region's most seismically active areas.
So when the company bid on a job to re-line the stone walls and ceiling of an abandoned railroad tunnel in Oswego, New York, it represented a challenge.
The ceremonies celebrated the expansion of the World War II vintage railroad tunnel to handle autos, trucks and busses as well, opening a long awaited vehicle route from the Seward-Anchorage Highway to the shores of Prince William Sound at Whittier.