railroad terminal

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terminal where trains load or unload passengers or goods

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"The tunnel," said Koumal, "could connect the Alaskan Railroad Terminal at Eielson Air Force Base, where the railroad ends, with the BC Rail in British Columbia.
That day, we were surprised to find military figures on duty at the miniature railroad terminal. They were standing guard in full uniform, despite the heat, with rifles taller than I was.
EAT THIS The Grand Concourse (www.muer.com) is no ordinary restaurant as it's set in the Edwardian grandeur of the former Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad terminal. STAY AT The Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel (www.renaissance pittsburgh.com) A restored architectural landmark.
The finished Times Square sculpture was exhibited at the Grand Central Railroad Terminal in New York, as well as at the Seattle World's Fair.
For instance, the owner of a railroad terminal owns an essential facility, to which train operators need access to run their services.
Banks, a national consulting firm, in consultation with the Minnesota Intermodal Railroad Terminal Study (MIRTS), a public-private partnership composed of representatives from the four organizations.
These reports record the freight that a railroad terminal loads each day, and they're transmitted automatically at night.
2 (1887) A committee of the Board of Directors of the Gulf and Ship Island Railroad met and accepted a civil engineer's report as to the best location for the railroad terminal harbor on the Gulf Coast, which led the way to the beginning of the city of Gulfport.
Thomas Godfrey of Tom Godfrey HSSE Services LLC characterized the Grafton and Upton Railroad terminal as a medium-sized propane terminal bulk plant that would feature four 80,000 storage tanks on the 10-acre site.
In addition, the firm's design of the new Alaska Railroad Terminal in Fairbanks was the recent recipient of the 2005 Merit Award for Excellence in Architecture from the Alaska Chapter of the American Institute of Architects.