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a railroad depot in a theater of operations where military supplies are unloaded for distribution

the end of the completed track on an unfinished railway

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EUROPE'S largest metal recycling operation is to double the size of its major railhead in the Port of Liverpool to take mores crap metal off congested roads.
Jaguar Cars' plant at Castle Bromwich will be opened up to a new pounds 10 million railhead which will take 46 million miles of car transporter journeys off the roads during the next ten years.
We are interested in the Mexican Copper Canyon train and would like information about excursions and access points to the railheads.
As the railroads spun their web across the West, the need to march cattle to distant railheads evaporated.
Savi selected the 434 MHz band years ago because of its accuracy over long ranges and propagation performance in and around heavy-metal environments, such as seaports and railheads.
Tenders are invited for Appointment of loading or unloading or handling and transport contractor at food corporation depots or godowns or railheads etc.
Developers realize these areas, clogged with obsolete railheads, are smart investment opportunities that will make the metropolitan area more attractive and financially sound.
The real workhorse of the SmartChain platform is the Savi Site Manager, which captures data from all types of AIDC devices and incorporates local business rules at key supply chain nodes, such as seaports, airports, railheads, distribution and warehouse facilities or border crossings.