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Synonyms for raggedness

shabbiness by virtue of being in rags

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In addition, nonsignificant raggedness values supported the spatial-population-expansion model (Table 1).
Values of mean absolute error (MAE), raggedness (r), and Fu's [F.
I think we all appreciate the raggedness of the A-10 and its ability to take ground fire," said Grant.
The demographic changes were also examined by calculating the Harpending's raggedness index (Harpending et al.
In ethno-symbolic terms, the neo-Trojan ethnie of the Gawain-poet's Britain is clearly of a 'lateral' nature, with elites maintaining sway over an area whose raggedness and discontinuity is demonstrated by Gawain's travels through the bear- and wild man-infested wastelands that separate Camelot and Hautdesert.
Leave me alone," she said, the raggedness of her own voice scaring her.
Here, Barry's exuberant direction generated a headlong comic energy that trumped some occasional raggedness in the ensemble singing.
Southampton took great encouragement from U it d' h t i ti d United's uncharacteristic raggednness United's uncharacteristic raggedness, Mauricio Pochettino's side sensing a real opportunity to snatch a point.
She also noted that "the raggedness of the people is beyond belief" (34).
Sporian Microsystems develops sensors and point of care systems that feature small size, weight, and power consumption, raggedness, and wireless networking to facilitate portable operation.
No matter, they dominated Blues, who were puzzling due to a lack of conviction, composure and too many misplaced passes and general raggedness.
One of the things about the Mazdaspeed3 I like is its embrace of character, its willingness to let a little raggedness show here and there in the cause of adrenaline.