rag doll

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a cloth doll that is stuffed and (usually) painted

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HOLLY CHRISTMAS RAG DOLL SPECIALLY made for the festive season, Holly is wrapped up warmly for winter in rich Christmas colours, with a red velvet jacket, outdoor boots, a scarf and hat, all made with quality fabrics that little girls will love to cuddle over Christmas and beyond.
He added: "I only saw her when I hit her - she went up like a rag doll.
The rag doll housed in Lina's revered arm-crook is lone witness to
He was throwing my dog around like a rag doll," Mr Jones told police.
These rag doll figures were all crafted by an inventor - shades of Edward Scissorhands, which isn't surprising since Tim Burton has a producer credit - before he died.
To make the rag doll, place the lettuce in the center of the
A wizard brings Popsi to life, warning her that she must prove herself useful to Mother Nature in three days or whe will revert to being a rag doll forever.
When staff at a Warwickshire stately home decided to clean a statue, they expected to unveil a rag doll.
They were pulling on him just like you do a rag doll.
Witness Meryl Rice, 46, of Charles Lakin Close, whose daughter Lauren Jade uses the bus, said: "She was like a rag doll and went up into the air.
Minnie is a toasty brown, handmade rag doll given to Hester by her grandmother as a gift.
The Pawtucket, Rhode Island, toy maker has been tossed around like a cheap rag doll.
On Thanksgiving Day, when fishermen found the boy bobbing in the waves off Fort Lauderdale, they thought he was a rag doll lashed to the top of the tube--until his hand moved.
It is difficult to be too particular in matters such as this, unless you consult your doll, your rag doll, your Betsy Ross doll, your voodoo doll, your strontium 90 doll.