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Synonyms for raffish

Synonyms for raffish

marked by up-to-dateness in dress and manners

marked by a carefree unconventionality or disreputableness

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A subtle shift, to be sure, since the appropriated interiors that swell to fill his large grayscale paintings are still modish ciphers; the lives of these rooms and the residual traces of their inhabitants, too, materialize as the marks and erasures of pentimenti and stand in foran idea of (raffish, by turns distantiated) portraiture.
1 unusual fish was discovered this summer in Washington State's Puget Sound: an albino raffish. it was the first time a colorless raffish was spotted by local scientists.
And as for the Dolomite Sprint, that awesome combination of bright yellow, black vinyl roof, raffish alloys and the unique warble of a pumped up Triumph engine, has always been enough to set my pulse racing.
Raffish, rakish Cagliari, Sardinia's down-and-dirty port city, looks set to be catapulted onto the international trophy art museum circuit if Zaha Hadid's latest vision comes to pass.
Abetted in part by his raffish father, an Irish-American hard-drinking pub owner and bookmaker, friend to both high and low, whom Sullivan both loved and feared, the boy's summer turns out to be anything but lonely and boring.
From a concrete gazebo, Abraham Lincoln gazes down at the cobbled plaza where raffish bands plugged in, and stoned crowds gathered; my small son and daughter skipped ahead of me, hand in hand, to the swings, the jungle gym, the roundabout, and at home, pre-season jonquils dazzled in a white crockery jug.
Stewart's raffish history cuts close to the bone and suggests to this reader that today's textbooks may be approaching the end of their run.
Many Japanese readers who suspect (correctly) that they're not getting the full story from their bland daily newspapers turn to a raffish alternative: the shukanshi, 15 weekly newsmagazines that purport to give the real lowdown on people and events.
Nuccia Focile's lyrical soprano has a fine dramatic edge and her beautifully nuanced portrayal of Tatiana and Vladmir Chernov's raffish Onegin were greeted with well-deserved applause at curtain.
Resurrected as a raffish holiday cruiser, she was little more than a cut-rate party boat catering to boisterous vacationers with a yen for rum swizzles.
RENO--You don't get to choose your first childhood memory, and mine is more raffish than I usually admit.
But where do The Beatles, Madonna and The Sound of Music fit in among all those bosoms, bottoms and raffish chaps in opera hats?
Ironically, perhaps, Thompson himself has been a persuasive advocate for the economic and social importance of the horse and its surrounding culture in Victorian England; and Huggins uses the ramifications of horse-racing to point up the importance of gambling, hedonism and raffish enjoyment not only among the disreputable aristocracy and the lumpenproletariat, but also among the commercial and industrial middle classes, important providers of investment, audiences and gambling income, among the mainstream skilled working class and among women at all social levels.
Apparently, Robinson's raffish, Rat Pack charm has worked its wonders on the conservative members of ASIFA.
Here Andrew Sinclair's research on a previous biography of Francis Bacon supplies the detailed context of a raffish existence.