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(medicine) the treatment of disease (especially cancer) by exposure to a radioactive substance

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In our environment where most patients with cancer present at advanced stages of the disease, there will be many more cancer patients who will require radiotherapy as part of their treatment either for palliation, or treatment of their symptoms and so on.
Another treatment technique that uses small fields is stereotactic body radiotherapy, which treats tumours with millimetre precision using a large dose given in just one to five sessions while simultaneously sparing healthy tissue.
Other centers are Larkana Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy (LINAR), Multan Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy (MINAR), Bahawalpur Institute of Nuclear Oncology (BINO), Punjab Institute of Nuclear Medicine), Faisalabad (PINUM), Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Oncology Lahore, (INMOL), (Center for Nuclear Medicine), Lahore, GINUM (Gujranwala Institute of Nuclear Medicine (GINUM) and one in federal capital Nuclear Medicine, Oncology and Radiotherapy Institute, (Islamabad NORI).
Clinical, photographic and patient assessments showed similar rates of adverse effects after reduced-dose or partial-breast radiotherapy, with changes in breast appearance and breast hardness being significantly lower than with whole-breast radiotherapy.
Back then we showed that preoperative radiotherapy reduces the risk of local recurrence by over 50 per cent for patients with rectal cancer," says principal investigator Anna Martling, senior consultant surgeon and professor at Karolinska Institutet's Department of Molecular Medicine and Surgery.
Located on the Komazawa campus in Tokyo, Japan, the company's education centre is equipped with a fully functional Varian TrueBeam medical linear accelerator and offers hands-on educational courses for medical professionals and students on the planning and delivery of advanced radiotherapy for the treatment of cancer.
The cohort was split into three groups, each undertaking a different dose and duration of radiotherapy.
Giving chemotherapy after radiotherapy halted tumour growth for 43 months after treatment, compared with19 months for those, who only had radiotherapy.
When I came to Belfast just over 12 years ago Belvoir Park was the place where radiotherapy happened in Northern Ireland and it really was falling apart, it was on its last legs.
In June, it was reported that Velindre, based in Whitchurch, Cardiff, was set to introduce the new cutting-edge radiotherapy technique so Welsh patients no longer have to travel to England to receive it.
James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough is one of only 17 centres in England to begin treating patients with stereotactic ablative radiotherapy (SABR), following national investment totalling PS15m from NHS England.
With follow-up of 20 years for breast cancer mortality, a review of 22 randomized trials found that among women with one to three positive nodes after mastectomy and axillary dissection, radiotherapy reduced the rates of overall recurrence by almost a third (relative risk, 0.
Because it will allow us to cheer up children on our cancer ward who are having radiotherapy treatment.
However a recent study (New England Journal of Medicine, March 14, 2013) suggests that women who receive radiotherapy near the area of the heart are at increased risk of major cardiac events.