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telephony that uses transmission by radio rather than by wire

a telephone that communicates by radio waves rather than along cables

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As Rabbi Shuchat relates, Rabbi Abramowitz spoke of having received a telephone call from Rabbi Joseph Hertz in South Africa in 1910, whereas transatlantic radiotelephone service did not commence until 1927.
Future uses might mean smart cards that could read fingerprints, offer voice recognition and responses, have moving, color television-like screens and act as radiotelephones - a radiotelephone transmits to a satellite for connection to another party.
No one in the car knew where they were going, but Smith was still on the radiotelephone.
For 1989 through 1992, cellular and other radiotelephone services revenue more than doubled in value and provided almost one-third of all growth in telephone services; cable and other pay television revenue grew by nearly 40 percent; radio broadcast revenue dropped somewhat during the period due to the economic recession and inroads made by cable television.
This research summary examines the occupational staffing pattern of establishments engaged in the radiotelephone industry (SIC 4812) and compares it with that of all telephone communications establishments (SIC 481).
One source of the strength is the robust growth of the cellular radiotelephone system and of fiber optics.
Without phone or power, photographer transmits scanned pictures over portable satellite radiotelephone
The first transatlantic radiotelephone communication was made from Arlington, Va.
Mobile radiotelephone service is over 45 years old, but as a result of skyrocketing growth by the cellular industry, few are even aware the older system still exists.
They are developing very large scale integration chip designs for applications such as digital cellular radiotelephone and broadband services.
The nation's non-telco providers of mobile radiotelephone and paging services staged an "Olympian event" of their own in Anaheim: Telocator Network of America's 36th annual convention and exposition, which used the Anaheim Convention Center for sessions and the adjacent Marriott Hotel for exhibits.
In October, France's regulator greenlighted Numericable's acquisition of mobile operator Societe Francaise de Radiotelephone SA (SFR) on condition that the buyer offload some of its assets and allow its rivals rent its cable network.
The General Radiotelephone Operator's License is considered to be a leading benchmark within the aviation field.
In 1952 James and Marie started Radiotelephone Service Corporation, which sold and serviced marine communication and navigation equipment.