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a photographic image produced on a radiosensitive surface by radiation other than visible light (especially by X-rays or gamma rays)

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From simulated 20[degrees] internal rotation to 40[degrees] external rotation, each femoral model has sets of radiographically measured ranges of DRT, FVA, and FBA for each femoral set.
However, in our patient, surprisingly the teeth present were non-anomalous, both clinically and radiographically (i.
Both clinically and radiographically, vertical and horizontal bone dimensions were found to be insufficient for placement of conventional screw implants (Figure 2).
In several of the reported cases, cystic PCC has been radiographically incorrectly diagnosed as pancreatic or liver tumours, with the correct diagnosis only being confirmed at time of surgery.
In Case 2 of this series, restorative treatment was deferred for 5 years as radiographically the lesion did not progress and clinically the tooth was intact in a caries free dentition.
The degree of cortication of the margins dictate the definition of its borders radiographically and tooth displacement and root resorption are features of aggressive lesions.
2) The pathology early in the disease process is viewed radiographically as a decrease in disk space, and in later stages, local calcification with multiple vertebral collapse, or "concertinia (accordion) collapse," is seen.
After three months, their cartilage was histologically and radiographically examined.
The purpose of this study was to radiographically evaluate the foramen magnum and classify its aspects in two dog breeds that are frequently related to the occipital dysplasia.
There are few studies that have investigated the role of isolated weight loss in the absence of additional arthritis treatment on those individuals with radiographically confirmed OA.
After undergoing a physical exam, a cat showing otherwise unexplained swelling of a leg or other indication that it may be harboring osteosarcoma would typically be examined radiographically.
It is intended to be used to radiographically (with X-Ray) mark the site of the "gastropexy" performed during gastric bypass surgery, thereby making it accessible for future diagnostic, therapeutic and feeding purposes.
From the results of this study, we conclude that BIPS are not useful for radiographically evaluating GI transit times in pigeons and are unlikely to be useful in other avian species that have a muscular ventriculus.
Therefore, as Crandall and colleagues observe, "breast discomfort may be a clinical manifestation of increased proliferation that is manifest radiographically as increased breast density.
Of the 85 patients for whom radiographic tumor-response data were available, 75 (88%) had complete response, radiographically confirmed (median follow-up was one year); neither pulmonary function nor quality of life was affected significantly.
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