radioactive material

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material that is radioactive

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Even crude and relatively low-level RDDs designed with more readily-obtainable radioactive material would meet a terrorist group's objective, particularly if that objective were to create panic, or to disrupt or close down airport operations.
But technically, radioactive material like this can cause cancer.
In the late 1980s, the possibility of radioactive material being co-mingled in scrap metal for melting was not a worry for most foundries.
It has found that contamination on containers transporting radioactive materials, whether by rail, road, sea or air, poses no danger to the public.
The radioactive material reached a high reading of 2,000 microrems per hour, DeGruy said.
It is the only international peer reviewed journal exclusively devoted to the transport of radioactive materials.
The revised Safety Guide will supersede its previous version from 2002, and set out guidance and recommendations which aim to achieve the highest levels of emergency preparedness and response for the transportation of radioactive material based in part on these past experiences and research.
The Nuclear Security Report, published by the IAEA in 2017, stated that "illicit trafficking, theft, loss and other unauthorized activities and events involving nuclear and other radioactive material continue to occur.
The rise is credited to the dislocation of radioactive materials that had settled on facilities and equipment as a result of work conducted near reactors 2 and 3, The Japan Times reports.
CAIRO: Radioactive material has been stolen from a nuclear power station on Egypt's Mediterranean coast that was the site of violent protests last week, state-run Al-Ahram newspaper reported on Thursday.
The estimates -- released by an independent advisory panel -- contradict years of assertions by the federal government that no radioactive material was released during the meltdown and that there was therefore never any public health threat to the surrounding community.
Although the bomb's conventional explosive would damage the immediate area, radioactive material would contaminate more broadly.
A TRUCK containing radioactive material ploughed into a ditch in Snowdonia yesterday, sparking a massive emergency response.
Flames were closing in on the Hanford nuclear complex, raising fears that the fire would release radioactive material into the atmosphere.
Anthony LaMastra, a certified health physicist and an early researcher of the problem, said that a substantial number of radioactive material sources in scrap metal are from radium-contaminated oil well pipe.
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