radio-controlled aircraft

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an aircraft without a pilot that is operated by remote control

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The five-day event, supervised by the Leadership Institute, covered several important subjects related to the construction, maintenance and programming of radio-controlled aircraft. Trainees also used virtual-reality simulations to hone their skills, and were taught about security and safety procedures.
Wes Comeaux is a member of the MultiGP Racing League for FPV radio-controlled aircraft. He competed in the 2016 MultiGP National Championship held at the Academy of Model Aeronautics headquarters in Muncie, Indiana, and placed sixth out of 75 pilots in that competition.
In response to the Quick Turns item, "Registering Drones," in December's issue: While I agree there is a need to stop any dangerous flights by unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), I still don't understand how the FAA thinks a radio-controlled aircraft should be regulated like it's a full-sized one.
As a result, many wing morphing investigations now are focused toward small or radio-controlled aircraft, and UAVs offer a great opportunity to showcase and test successful designs at an early stage, and to attract industry attention to develop new technologies for large-scale vehicles.
Longevity has paid off for Kondor, who once worked as a local hobby store owner making radio-controlled aircraft kits for customers, including airframes and propeller systems.
ONE of the most prolific shed, garage and garden burglars to come before the courts has been jailed after stealing dozens of hedge trimmers, strimmers, mountain bikes and even a radio-controlled aircraft in a 15-month crime spree.
Episodes feature commentary on radio-controlled aircraft (e.g., drones, UAVs) as a way to get families involved in an exciting hobby.
Radio-controlled aircraft were all the rage in the mid-1960s and with the advent of the microprocessor the hobby became a real business, allowing hobbyists to fly four-engine scale replicas of aircraft like the B-17 that are, in the end, as large as a Piper Cub.
The first for pounds 1,300 was used to buy items to improve the club's facilities including a range of radio-controlled aircraft equipment, IT equipment for its presentation evenings and a battery powered electric fence to prevent cows from straying on to the landing strip.
He attended the Sturbridge Worship Center, was a radio-controlled aircraft enthusiast, and he enjoyed spending time on Cape Cod.
Hobbies: Holds a private pilot's license; flies radio-controlled aircraft
Additional activities will include flying exhibitions by World War I radio-controlled aircraft, era automobiles on display and participating in a parade, period re-enactors in a war encampment setting and a "swap and shop." The last Dawn Patrol event at the museum took place in fall 2003, drawing approximately 50,000 visitors for the three-day weekend event.
Piloting radio-controlled aircraft is as much a social occasion as a sport or hobby for these flight enthusiasts.
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