radio spectrum

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the entire spectrum of electromagnetic frequencies used for communications

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The policy balances the allocation of spectrum between the public and private sectors and includes radio spectrum and national frequency allocation.
A national public-safety radio spectrum would improve communications among emergency-response agencies when they work together to respond to catastrophes like Hurricane Katrina and the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Chertoff said.
The radio spectrum is a limited resource which contributes significantly to the economic development of Bahrain," said TRA director of technical operations Mohammed Mahmood.
It will take at least a year," Mr Colasanti said, adding that this stop-gap solution will have to last until 2012 when analogue broadcasts are switched off and enough new radio spectrum becomes available to launch sufficient TV channels.
In the past eight years, the federal government has turned 305 megahertz of radio spectrum frequencies over to the Federal Communications Commission for auction to the private sector.
Since 1959, the agency has tried to protect scientists by setting aside a few small slivers of the radio spectrum.
It wasn't until the late 1920s that the Federal Radio Commission, predecessor to the FCC, was established to oversee the radio spectrum, impose broadcasting standards, and issue broadcasting licenses.
Nasdaq-NNM: AAPL) education executives and technologists today urged the Committee to support allocation of adequate radio spectrum to allow for widespread availability of wireless communications technologies in schools.
2GHz band radio spectrum auction officiated by the Office of the Communications Authority (OFCA).
First, the company had to get international permission to use a special band on the radio spectrum.
SCL and Roamer formed Simrom to develop and manage a Specialised Mobile Radio (SMR) communications network in the United States, using narrowband technology in the recently licensed 220 MHz radio spectrum.
Access to the radio spectrum is a critical requirement for all sectors using wireless technologies, such as media, mobile communications, defence and civil aviation.
Open Competition: Performing research work on the topic: Research on the conversion of the radio spectrum in the band 301-470 MHz radio, working conditions of the joint use of the radio spectrum radio-electronic means of broadband wireless access with radio-electronic means for military purposes
NYSE: BLS) Tuesday urged the federal government to adopt an open bidding process when it begins examining rules for auctioning off parts of the radio spectrum for a new generation of wireless communications technologies.