radio spectrum

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the entire spectrum of electromagnetic frequencies used for communications

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For years politicians (both Republicans and Democrats), regulators, telecom providers, and just about anyone who uses a cellular phone or Wi-Fi have been saying that the US needs more radio spectrum for commercial two-way communications.
Expanding access to the spectrum while protecting certain radio wavelengths, such as those allocated to radio astronomy or passive remote sensors that monitor the Earth's environment, were identified as several "grand challenges" faced by wireless communications experts in facilitating better use of the radio spectrum.
Qatar's 2006 Telecom Law requires that all persons operating any radio communication equipment or making use of frequencies must have a valid radio spectrum licence or a radio frequency authorisation from the CRA.
Defence Minister, Philip Dunne, said: "Ofcom are experienced in managing radio spectrum sales.
Therefore, the Commission wants to promote a shared and more effective use of the radio spectrum by boosting innovation in new wireless technologies.
Two years ago, the Federal Communications Commission reserved a 10-megahertz block of radio spectrum for public-safety use.
Staff monitoring the use of the radio spectrum have located a number of sources who are violating the conditions of their frequency licence including the permitted transmit power.
The company had applied under the European S-Band Application Process and EC award allow Inmarsat to operate using 30MHz (2x15MHz) of S-band radio spectrum and it is one of two companies awarded the rights, the total authorisations being for 60MHz of S-band radio spectrum.
Fabio Colasanti, a senior official at the EU executive, said the Union aims to use a specific part of radio spectrum known as "L band" as a short term solution for joint frequency, but taking it into use will still take time.
This project explores the radio spectrum spread emitted by the solar activity of the sun.
As a ham radio operator, I have access to lots of radio spectrum," he notes, "as long as I don't use it for commercial purposes.
Interested firms are invited to present (by July 24, 2001) proposals for "turn-key" delivery of Radio Spectrum Monitoring and Managing Equipment.
The FCC found no technical merit to the complaint, but these powerful broadcasters haven't achieved their near-complete control of the radio spectrum by giving up that easily.
Edwards is feeling the pinch of what is a global problem - a shrinking availability of radio spectrum frequencies that are needed to send and receive information from test aircraft.