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a two-way radio communication system (usually microwave)

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Wyre forest district council wishes to appoint a contractor to provide radio link handsets, software, maintenance and technical service for the bromsgrove town centre radio link scheme.
Computing results of vertical polarization radio wave specific attenuation dependence from actual radio link frequencies, calculated for different rain rates are presented in Fig.
The radio link will also allow licensees to communicate with officers based at Kings Heath Police Station and it is hoped the scheme will act as an early warning system.
5m In recent years, Labtech Microwave has concentrated on complex and specialist PCBs for high frequency radio links, military programmes and air traffic control systems.
Previously, City Watch operators could only listen into nearby radio links but now their range has been expanded to take in most of Liverpool.
The CCTV control room is also the nerve centre for the radio link, which allows firms to keep in touch with the police, and one another.
This is a major telecom assignment for us, positioning us as a key supplier for radio link systems equipment," commented Mikael Jonson, CEO of PartnerTech.
Three appendices are included, which discuss detailed frequency plans for the main microwave bands, the derivation of the output signal-to-noise ratio for frequency and phase demodulators as a function of the input carrier to noise ratio, typical costs of microwave radio links components and link calculations for a typical microwave radio link.
The Actix Radio Link Analysis solution will be deployed with Swisscom Mobile's GSM network and will provide optimisation features for the company's GSM radio network as well as optimisation services for the handovers that will occur between 2G and 3G networks.
The new system provides port control with dedicated radio link channels, free from unwanted interference, enabling the port control officers to safely control shipping movements within the deep-water Haven, the sixth largest port in the UK.
A radio link within shops can include sales and security staff, manager, and non-sales staff such as warehouse employees and switchboard operators.
With mobile phones also on an internal system, they are not tied to particular desks, so can work in any office, in the restaurant or even outside within the range of the radio link.
Venus-orbiting Magellan--its wayward radio link now restored for the second time -- has forced NASA to devise new measures to restore communications should the spacecraft go silent again.
The Shop Watch radio link is carried by neighbourhood policing officers.
A THIEF was caught just 48 hours after Superdrug in Halesowen signed up to Dudley's business crime partnership radio link scheme.