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a signal transmitted along a narrow path


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Think of an ILS as narrow radio beams that you actually follow to the runway.
When gas from the disk falls to an altitude of about 50 miles (80 km), processes involved in creating the radio beam are either shut down or, more likely, obscured.
Bernard Eastlund, a US physicist, came up with the idea to reverse the cone of the radio beam in order that a much smaller spot on the ionosphere would be pulsed with radio waves to superheat it.
If this were so, such reflection might set up interference, since the same radio beam would reach a given spot by two different routes, one direct and the other by bouncing off the charged layers.
Jocelyn Bell didn't botch her experiment, but her results left her puzzled--until she saw the light (a pulsing radio beam, actually) from a new kind of star.
Contract notice: Supply And Maintenance Of A Computerized System Of Receiving Emergency Calls, Decision Support, Transmission Of The Alert And Alarm Centers Of Staff, And Management Of Different Interventions Including Related Subsystems: Radio Beam Network, Departmental Alarm Network.
Such a surge could apply the brakes a bit to the pulsar spin, and also affect the pulsar's radio beam.
The major hub has operated without a "glide path" - a radio beam which provides a trajectory for pilots to follow - during the past year because of engineering work.
Echo I (see 1961) could function as a passive communications satellite, since a radio beam could be aimed at it and the reflection would then reach Earth at a widely different spot.
1964 Inaugurated transcontinental microwave radio beam system,
Not only did the echo prove stronger than expected, but the all-important polarization ratio also showed a modest peak precisely when the shadowed areas were within the radio beam.
Discovery of the pulsar's intermittent signal, researchers say, strongly suggests the neutron star is eating away at an unseen orbiting companion, tearing off surface matter that erratically eclipses the neutron star's radio beam.
Purchase and installation of a radio beam person counter
The Earthward radio beam reaches different depths in Venus' atmosphere as the spacecraft moves, so researchers can use it to calculate differences with altitude.