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any object that radiates energy

heater consisting of a series of pipes for circulating steam or hot water to heat rooms or buildings

a mechanism consisting of a metal honeycomb through which hot fluids circulate

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Think about whether you actually need a radiator on, too, if you plan to cook something in the oven.
The Radiator Genie is sold in auto parts stores across the United States and Canada.
This kind of debris, when piled in front of your radiator or AC condenser, can block the airflow through your cooling system and cause big problems.
2 Check each radiator to see if it is heating up all over.
Don't bleed radiators when the heating is on, or when the heating is off but the radiators are still hot, and don't leave a radiator unattended while you bleed it.
A simple, but effective way to get more out of your radiators is to fit radiator foil behind them - the foil reflects heat back into the room, so you benefit from more of it.
is if 40 4 old A simple but effective way to get more out of your radiators is to fit radiator foil behind them.
Suresh, general manager of Sabah Radiator Industries.
To get rid of the air, put a radiator key or small screwdriver (depending on the type of hole) into the radiator's bleed valve and open it (see my How-to Tip).
v=TuGIebYijcA 2 Radiator output is measured in btus (British thermal units) - to work out the btus required to heat a room, use an online btu calculator, although they vary in the questions they ask and the results they give.
5 MAKE SURE YOU'RE THE ONE IN CONTROL OLD heating systems often lack adequate controls, such as adjustable radiator valves, so you can't turn the radiators up or down - they're either on or off.
In this research, cooling of car radiator has been investigated by using nanofluids.
Another reason a radiator might be inadequate is if it's not powerful enough for the room, or you need more than one.
In the group were a red deer, a ram and an arctic fox, and every one of them was a radiator.
Therefore, we attempted to gather energy using a parasitic radiator directly from the main antennas of base stations and repeaters, which radiate RF signals.