radiation pressure

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the minute pressure exerted on a surface normal to the direction of propagation of a wave

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We cannot miss the notable work of Arthur Eddington on the dynamics of stars dominated by radiation pressure in the photosphere, according to which, the luminosity of such stars is proportional to their mass.
Quantity or scope: MAPA - EXTERNAL CONTROLS REQUIRED EQUIPMENT RADIATION PRESSURE VAPEURCH South Jura: Lons le Saunier and Champagnole Sites - CH Jaillon Louis Saint-Claude - CH Lon Brard in Morez
One important parameter which may serve to distinguish between possibilities involves the non-gravitational influence of solar radiation pressure on the object's orbit.
For measurements of the results of radiation pressure it is proposed to use a radiometer of a construction different from that of conventional radiometers.
A fleet of 40,000 units will be needed, each with an automated mechanism to keep it in position using solar radiation pressure.
Not only is the power deflected safely to the other side, but there is virtually no change to the object caused by the radiation pressure, unlike a mirror or an absorber.
In the study, Richert introduced another factor called radiation pressure.
These observations also help us understand subtle effects such as solar radiation pressure that can gently nudge the orbit of small asteroids.
Even in space, there are many forces in play apart from gravity, including radiation pressure from sunlight, charged particles from solar wind and tiny micrometeoroids.
The push of photons, know n as radiation pressure, threatens to reverse the accretion flow' before the star can reach more than 20 solar masses.
Waves of light or sound fired at an object tend to bounce off its surface like raindrops falling on an umbrella, collectively exerting a subtle nudge called radiation pressure that pushes the object away.
1 per cent - and is generally thought to be too small a force of gravity is held at bay by the radiation pressure and the sun exists at an apparently stable size for many millions of years.
The team from the University of St Andrews and the Institute of Scientific Instruments (ISI) in the Czech Republic said that they have found a way to generate a special optical field that efficiently reverses radiation pressure of light.
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