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The differential diagnosis of ischemic colitis includes infectious lesions such as C difficile colitis and enterohemorrhagic E coli as well as drug-induced lesions such as NSAIDs and even some chronic colitides such as CC, radiation colitis, and CD.
In some instances the hyalinized appearance of the lamina propria in radiation colitis and the subepithelial collagen in CC can mimic the hyalinized lamina propria one sees in ischemia.
2] ingestion Carbohydrate malabsorption Fatty diarrhea Pancreatic disease Short-bowel syndrome Postgastrectomy syndrome Hyperthyroidism Cholestasis Other malabsorption syndromes Inflammatory diarrhea Inflammatory bowel disease Infectious diseases Ischemic colitis Radiation colitis Neoplasia Secretory diarrhea Irritable bowel syndrome Laxative abuse Fecal incontinence Congenital syndromes (chloridorrhea) Idiopathic secretory diarrhea Bacterial toxins Drugs and poisons Disordered motility Neuroendocrine tumors Neoplasia Addison's disease Epidemic secretory (Brainerd) diarrhea