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diverging from a common point

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This creates apertures consisting of the vias and the top and bottom shield traces, which can be made small enough to keep high frequencies from radiating out of the board in the x and y directions.
Therefore, since the DC supply loop is inefficient for a radiating loop antenna at 140 MHz, the associated radiation effects were not considered in this study.
The radiating approach takes into consideration only the radiating part of the total volume equivalent current source (VECS) and linearizes the electromagnetic inverse scattering problem.
The laser process creates a unique array of nano- and micro-scale structures on the surface of a regular tungsten filament-the tiny wire inside a light bulb-and theses structures make the tungsten become far more effective at radiating light.
There's the psychedelic-inflected imagery: zigzag lightning bolts outlined with stripes, a disembodied tongue licking a giant ice cube, rainbow or radiating stripes that fill in silhouetted headlike shapes, and the nesting stripes in odd color combinations that define some works' borders.
It's a programmable, free space radiating Radar Signal Source in a single box that operates over the 500 MHz to 18 GHz frequency band, expandable to the millimeter band.
HEATING experts Radiating Style has turned radiators into an art form.
For gas to spiral into a spinning black hole and fuel a quasar, it must first form a rotating disk that permits material to move inward while radiating energy.
Can you feel the breath radiating life energy from your navel into your arms, legs and head?
In this mode of operation, every radiating element in the array is broadly co-phased.
But it is the same properties that unintentional emitters such as cell phones, laptop computers, portable radios, and more possess when radiating into the noise floor--and their widely accepted effect on GPS--that forms the basis for roles demanding that you must turn off electronic devices when taking off and landing on an airplane.
If you turn left in the lobby instead of right you enter the community hall which, like the synagogue is a triple-height space, this time set firmly between three of the massive radiating double portals.
As one planet was about to journey in front of HD 209458, light radiating from the star dimmed by 1.
Radical scars have a core of what appears to be scarred tissue surrounded by a cluster of ducts radiating outward.