radiant heating

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heating a building by radiation from panels containing hot water or electrical heaters

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The nine projects profiled in the report yielded several observations about how to ensure success with a radiant heating and/or cooling project, including:
It will also incorporate and highlight Viega fittings, radiant heating and cooling systems, fire suppression systems and carrier systems.
This two-part article describes basic knowledge of radiant heating and cooling systems to give a principle understanding of the design and operation of this advantageous system including comfort, system load, heating/cooling capacity, installation and application of the system with examples.
Solarponics can install and service solar electric systems, solar hot water, wind energy systems, solar pool heating and radiant heating systems.
Department of Energy's Energy Savers website, radiant heating has a number of advantages over other forms of heat distribution: "It is more efficient than baseboard heating and usually more efficient than forced-air heating because no energy is lost through ducts.
It's typically just a supplement," says Colin Williams, operations director at West Virginia-based Mountain View Solar & Wind, a company that once focused on radiant heating systems but jettisoned its building division when the housing market turned.
The project involved installing the radiant heating system under one-half of the cold storage facility.
Uponor, formerly Wirsbo, a leading international supplier of PEX-a plumbing radiant heating and cooling and fire safety systems for residential and commercial buildings, joins several other organizations as a leading member of Green Mechanical, including Carrier, NIBCO, International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO), Ferris State University, Legend Valve, Mechanical Contractors Association of America, ABCO Refrigeration, Watts Radiant, United Association (UA), Floor Heat Company, Mechanical Contracting Education & Research Foundation (MCERF), Legend Hydronics, Bacharach, Fieldpiece, HVAC Excellence, and Mechanical Services Contractors of America (MSCA).
A range of laboratory furnaces that combine both radiant heating technology and microwave technology employs a new design--Microwave Assist Technology (MAT).
A pure radiant heating system heats the room surfaces first; the warm surfaces then heat room air.
Will the installation cost and running of the radiant heating really balance out against the cost of fuel?
Infloor radiant heating operates quietly while delivering excellent comfort levels.
These days there are two common home-heating systems: forced air and radiant heating.
The expansion is said to enhance the company's capability to custom design a radiant heating system that meets precise facility requirements for optimum flexibility, economy and maximum energy efficiency.
Propane can provide the BTUs, in a tank-type or instantaneous-type water heater, to run a radiant heating system for any remodeling project in any climate.