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Synonyms for radial

pneumatic tire that has radial-ply casing

arranged like rays or radii

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One could conclude that since radials are better for longer distances, they're perfect for graders.
Another example of how radials are often used when they're not necessary is in underground mine settings--which aren't your typical haulage application.
Incidentally, AGC073/JST300 and HOMEE are redundant because those radials define HOMEE.
DUATs does not know how to join a radial at an undefined point because it knows only the fixes.
But in recent years, more doctors are using the radial artery in the wrist and forearm to gain access to the heart.
2 percent of cardiac catheterization procedures were done through the radial artery in 2007, by 2013, radial-access procedures represented more than 16 percent of all cardiac catheterization cases in the U.
5, load range J, radial tire with NSN 2610-01-436-3332 or NSN 2610-01-452-0605.
The recommended pressure for the radial tires on the HEMAT is 105 psi for all road surfaces.
The Lousado, Portugal plant makes high performance radial tires for passenger cars that will be supplied to domestic and overseas markets.
The vast majority of implement tires out there are bias, but there are a lot of benefits to using radials on an implement," said Jeff Vasichek, vice president of sales and marketing for Titan's Goodyear brand.
To help out in these situations, there are lead radials on the chart, marked with an "LR," as LR-336 and LR-321 appear for Hutchinson.
Despite the benefits offered by radial tires such as longer life, lower fuel consumption, and improved safety and ride quality, the fact that they are 25.
NDBs technically don't have radials, only bearings to or from.
I enjoyed your article concerning DME arcs and lead radials ("Leading the Turns," August 2008 IFR).
com)-- Radial SG, a leading provider of information and collaboration solutions for complex process environments, today announces a partnership with Kinsmen Group.