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Synonyms for radial

pneumatic tire that has radial-ply casing

arranged like rays or radii

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The single-walled carbon nanohorn which is a horn-shaped nano carbon structure with a large surface area radially gather and are connected fibrously in several micrometers.
When one object was printed in one triangle, it should then be repeated in each triangle or, using the guidelines, radially symmetrical throughout the paper The students were asked to do at least 100 "prints.
Eelgrass populations grow vegetatively by stolons which spread radially in all directions and therefore each plant creates a circular growth pattern," the researchers said.
It creates mechanical and hydraulic shear by continuously drawing product components into the rotor and expelling them radially through the openings in the stator.
Jordan and Sahatjian developed a radially expandable removable stent based on shape-memory resins for implantation in a body cavity.
Patent number 8,221,117 B2 safeguards the expertise that enables a radially firing or side firing endodontic probe to combine multiple wavelengths of infrared and near-infrared lasers with biofluids or biopowders comprised of one or more biologically active particles or cleaning agents.
The agitator's inner and outer helical ribbons are pitched to move material axially in opposing directions, as well as radially.
Discovered in mixtures of coal fly ash and hydrated calcium sulfoaluminate cement, these inorganic structures consist of micron-sized glass spheres upon which needles have grown radially.
The 3D capability of the instrument makes it possible to measure both radially symmetrical divergences or angularly different types, addressing a range of finished materials.
They describe the hologram as radially multiplexed, meaning that it is a transmission multiplex hologram where the individual 'frames' are arranged radially.
However, such desirable properties can be obtained only under a radially polarized excitation, which unfortunately requires an injection procedure extremely sensitive to misalignments [17].
A chain-drive gear motor rotates the reverse air cleaning arm over the radially aligned filter bags inside the weathertight cylindrical enclosure.
You see, the top seems to spin perpetually and comes with a radially oriented magnetic field and the base houses a conductive coils inside.
LVDTs designed with a radially mounted electrical connector are shorter than those with axial connectors.