radial vein

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superficial veins ascending the radial side of the forearm

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According to HALL (2005), a small cluster of genera possessing five forewing radial veins was recognized first as Eurybiini by REUTER (1896: 153-154) with Eurybia Illiger, 1850, as type genus.
Model 4 of the fore and hind wing has 5 distinct modules (1) the anterior margin of the wing is bounded by the 1st radial vein (2) the 1st radial vein is bounded by the 2nd radial vein (3) the 2nd radial vein is bounded by the 2nd cubitus vein (4) the 2nd cubitus vein is bounded by the anal vein (5) the anal vein is bounded by the posterior margin of the wing.
Fm, Fp = middle flagellomere (s), penultimate flagellomere; M = medial cell of hind wings; np = parallel vein; r' = radiellus (radial vein of hind wing); nr = recurrent vein; nr' = recurrent vein of hind wing; nv = nervulus; R = radial cell; r, rl, r2 = radial vein, first, second abscissa of radius; st = pterostigma; SM' = submedial cell of hind wings; T, T1, T2, T3, T2 + 3 = tergite (s), first, second, third tergite, first + second tergite.
Length relation between abscissae of radial vein of forewing: 5 [less than or equal to] 2 < 3 < 4 = 1, or 2 [less than or equal to] 5 < 3 < 4 = 1; paramere broad, suddenly narrowed at apex (Tsuneki, 1967: 58-59).