radial symmetry

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the property of symmetry about an axis

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* demonstrate an understanding of radial symmetry while creating a design that is based on their own personal interests.
Tertikas, Radial symmetry and symmetry breaking for some interpolation inequalities, Calc.
Objects with low radial symmetry tend to be suppressed in the transformed image (low contrast).
As such, it has to be capable of activating a broad, two-dimensional muscle sheet that follows the radial symmetry of the medusa.
which in spherical coordinates and with radial symmetry assumption becomes
Despite the radial symmetry, the task to create a simplified MEC is difficult due to the influences of each pole on the neighboring ones.
"We can see radial symmetry through the homogeneity of the trees on roadsides and walking tracks in the park, while the non-symmetrical green hills and curved lines in some areas and flowers are the natural characteristics," said Abdul Karim.
To evaluate the hypothesis of radial symmetry, two devices were studied: CAM#1FE#1 and CAM#2FE#2.
In other works, such as Tulip Bowl, the radial symmetry of the bowl-form divides space equally as it sets up a rhythmic pattern.
According to Stewart, "While most animals have bilateral symmetry and some show a radial symmetry, asymmetries are actually relatively common in nature.
We paid special attention to those flowers that had radial symmetry or had a center point.
In an activity exploring symmetry on page 41, the radial symmetry of a snowflake is mentioned but not explained.
Their star-shaped body structure is said to have radial symmetry. By contrast, the bodies of most other animals have bilateral symmetry, in which similar parts are positioned on the left and right sides of a central axis that runs through the head and anus.
However, those beads cannot have radial symmetry. The new bead can be totally symmetrical in the radial plane and thus will not excite the second mode resonance.
It is no longer constrained to radial symmetry, and can act as a preliminary design tool for actual cities.