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an internal-combustion engine having cylinders arranged radially around a central crankcase

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If you are considering owning and operating an airplane with a radial engine, it's essential that you understand hydraulic lock, how to detect it and how to fix it.
Vertical axis machines enable several persons to crank at the same time using design principles from radial engines.
The air frame used with the early marks of this engine was the Hawker Typhoon, which was superseded by the Hawker Tempest, although at the end of the war the Tempest received a Bristol radial engine.
but for the fact no one would hear over the roaring radial engine.
If you've ever heard a radial engine, you know it has a distinctive sound; you can feel it, it shakes the ground--pure power turning a large propeller.
So Hawker had to design a totally new fighter and came up with the Typhoon, with a 2,000hp Napier in-line engine, and the Tempest, the same airframe but with a Bristol radial engine.
With the exception of the 160-horsepower Gnome radial engine, the wheels, the .
The response put Nelken and Hammons in touch with treasured items such as a Greenville cadet's leather flight jacket and "Shakin' Jake," a like-new cutaway Jacobs R-755 radial engine.
The black and white checkers on the engine cowling accentuated the huge two-bladed, paddle-shaped prop mounted on the business end of the powerful 360-horsepower, M-14p Vedneyev, radial engine.
It was a revolutionary design incorporating a five-cylinder air-cooled radial engine and a very advanced chassis.
AD3 Violet Falkum turns over the Pratt and Whitney R-1340 radial engine of a SNj-4 training plane.
Meanwhile, the Wright Aeronautical Corporation's air-cooled radial engine had brought its manufacturers prosperity.
This concept recently was demonstrated by OPRA in the Model OP-16 gas turbine engine, a single-shaft, radial engine with a 1,600-kilowatt capacity.
which was equipped with a Vendenyev M14 series radial engine, and he and his wife were ferrying it home.
This new fighter was powered by a supercharged Pratt and Whitney Double Wasp radial engine and boasted Leroy Grumman's specially designed folding wings, an innovation that would allow the navy to store more planes in an aircraft carrier's hangar and fit more on its flight deck.