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a radar echo displayed so as to show the position of a reflecting surface


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It's a false radar target,' said William Shumann, Federal Aviation Administration spokesman.
We concluded that these differences in reflectivity are real and that we were seeing evidence for surface variability," says Muhleman, who now calls Titan "the most interesting radar target in the solar system.
The company believed that by providing enough power and antenna gain, a metero-burst system could utilize a sufficiently large number of the weaker meteor-created radio paths, and could successfully tansfer the Air Force's radar target data from the remote AC&W sites to the ROCC at Elmendorf AFB.
Founded in 1998, Eastern OptX designs and develops radar altimeter test sets, radar range channel replicators, radar target repeaters, and radio channel (air interface) replicators for the RF and microwave applications.
With this pre-announcement invites RWS suppliers of radar target tracking systems to participate in the market consultation.
In slew-to-cue mode, cameras can be used to classify or identify a radar target, atmospheric conditions permitting.
Eastern OptX will also be showing its radar target simulators (fiber optic delay lines), including systems with Doppler generation.
The debris was identified as that of a radar target.
NO GUARANTEES Dalglish will pick the team on current form TARGET Luis Suarez was on Tottenham's radar TARGET Spurs liked Andy Carroll but could not go to pounds 35m TARGET Redknapp's a big fan of Stewart Downing
Other topics covered include radar target detection, radar Doppler processing, and beamforming.
Australian yachties are usually quick to take up anything that improves safety and performance--and a mount that prevents radar target loss and delivers the best possible picture certainly does that.
Engineers within Plextek's Blighter development team at Great Chesterford, Essex, England, needed a cost effective and robust software based radar target tracker that could be optimised for Blighter radars to track radar targets and provide the operator with target track ID, heading and speed.
Contract notice: Acquiring a radar target simulator.
May 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Eastern OptX, long recognized as the world's leader in microwave delay lines for radar target simulation, today introduced its Series 10000 Radar Scenario Generator.
Another air-to-air missile, the active radar target tracking Raytheon Aim-120 Amraam, was converted to the surface-to-air role following a Norwegian requirement in the mid-90s.