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club for players of racket sports

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Having The Racket Club as our HQ has meant that for the best part of 20 years we've had somewhere to rehearse, store our equipment and save ourselves literally millions of pounds in studio rent.
The Mexico fitness market is experiencing rapid growth and Cuts Fitness For Men's entry into this space confirms this," added John McCarthy, Executive Director of the International Health & Racket Club Association.
Bette worked for many years in Worcester at GE Telechron then at DePierros Plastics, Shrewsbury schools and then ran the children's nursery at the Shrewsbury Tennis and Racket Club before retiring.
Today is the deepest we've ever gotten,'' Holen said after the second-round win at Peninsula Tennis and Racket Club.
If you were looking for company to take Manhattan you wouldn't give any of them a call, unless of course you were heading for the New York Racket Club.
Girls' tennis: City quarterfinals at Warner Center Racket Club, 12:30 p.
We're having a lot of fun,'' said Stimac, whose previous job was as a coach at the Merced Racket Club in central California.
Preliminary tournament play will be today and Sunday at Camino Real Park, with the championships of most divisions - including all of the major ones - being played a week from today at Pierpont Racket Club.
Four years after the community rallied to save a racket club from becoming a subway parking lot, owners now want to replace the sports center with a shopping center.
The large, sunny facility, located on the corner of North Beverly Drive and Little Santa Monica Boulevard at the former site of a bank and the Rangoon Racket Club, is a high-tech miracle for anyone interested in the broadcast medium.
To make the most of that time, we chose Daniel James Hair Salons, which operate in Esporta Health and Racket Clubs in Hamilton and Milngavie, for the hair makeover.
It's the premium sector we're interested in, which tend to be racket clubs and country clubs - principally rackets," he said.