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an attendant who puts pool or billiard balls into a rack

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Racker (1990) would call this a concordant identification: an empathic resonance of the therapist with the patient's experience.
Hogg, who was recognised by his distressed victim, finally left taking with him a four-track racker recorder, compact disc player and mobile telephone.
The keg washer is equipped with 32 washing stations, and the racker operates with 12 out of 16 possible filling heads.
Hostetter and Thomas Quinn Beesley, It's a Racket (Chicago, 1929); Edward Dean Sullivan, This Labor Union Racker (New York, 1936); Walter Chambers, Labor Unions and the Public (New York, 1936): Malcolm Johnson, Crime on the Labor Front (New York, 1950).
PICKO F THE DAY Beach boys derby could be a realc racker Live cricket Eurosport, 12.
So when, unable to cope with the despair, she commits suicide and is consigned to her personal vision of Hell, Chris, accompanied by a disapproving Albert and recruiting the enigmatic T racker (Max Von Sydow), determines to find and rescue her.
If you carry your Ruger in a holster, you'll have to mount the racker facing out.
Des Barker, Utah Tourism Industry Coalition; Nan Anderson, Utah Tourism Industry Coalition; Joel Racker, Utah Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau; Connie Marshall, Alta Ski Area; Alan Hess, Hess Corporate Travel; Mike
Prior to that Duntle had ran a racker to finish fourth in the 1000 Guineas Trial at Leopardstown earlier in the year.
This was a performance of highlights from the company's repertoire and included Bintley's Still Life at the Penguin Cafe, Sugar Rum Cherry from The Nutc racker Sweeties and a world premier of Afrique, inspired by the company's recent visit to South Africa.
That process involves everything from the way Rackspace recruits and extensively interviews prospective Rackers, to the way it tests for and develops a Racker's specific strengths, to the way it empowers Rackers to spend time and money on customer issues, to the way it measures employee and customer engagement down to the support-team level, to the way it celebrates and rewards success.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Racker 12 prongs, Puncture solution / Paste, Led for battery pole 80", Battery crocodile clips, Battery Distilled Water, Cotton Waste, Grease nipple with adopter, Thread Tape 10 mtrs, Jack Hyd cap 10 Ton, Jack mech cap 10 Ton, Etc.
The Bolt Racker comes in three styles, designed to fit Mk I, Mk II, Mk III and 22/45 variants.
New products currently under development at Majestic Arms are a competition trigger and an extended slide racker for the Ruger pistol.
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