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an attendant who puts pool or billiard balls into a rack

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12) In the dub, Crush and Racker speak German with an Australian accent, enforced by the use of Anglicisms (Dude, cool) and surfer slang in particular (Cutback, Wall, jumpen, carven, floaten).
S'appuyant sur l'excellent travail de Racker (1957), Kernberg identifie deux types d'interpretation que pourrait elaborer un therapeute dans une identification concordante, ou complementaire, a l'un des poles de la dyade objectale en jeu chez le patient.
The stereotype that a fully analyzed therapist should have "objectivity" has always plagued the psychoanalytic community, and is barely less prevalent than when Racker wrote those words.
Ar rah jigger ra jigger racker roni oney poney im pom piny arravak sarra vak im pom pay eena meena minta I ty taza eena meena minta vick.
Jason racker, Newmark; Sanford Kunkel, Newmark; David Wolkowitt, Newmark; Gregg Gropper, Newmark.
Hogg, who was recognised by his distressed victim, finally left taking with him a four-track racker recorder, compact disc player and mobile telephone.
The keg washer is equipped with 32 washing stations, and the racker operates with 12 out of 16 possible filling heads.
Hostetter and Thomas Quinn Beesley, It's a Racket (Chicago, 1929); Edward Dean Sullivan, This Labor Union Racker (New York, 1936); Walter Chambers, Labor Unions and the Public (New York, 1936): Malcolm Johnson, Crime on the Labor Front (New York, 1950).
He also was president of Rac-Rite Service Merchandisers, Eckerd's internal job racker.
Racker was the graduate advisor of Mark Spector, a "brilliant young man [who] wrote poetry, painted and was a superb experimenter," but who also seeded autoradiograms with a contaminating isotope to fabricate data in support of his hypothesized "kinase cascade" [(25) p.
Some of the enhancements like their "Master Trigger Kit" and "Bank Vault Locking Block" are designed to improve accuracy, others like their bolt racker, extended bolt stop and magazine releases facilitate better handling, and yet, others like their aluminum magazine ejector offers increased durability over the plastic, factory part.
PICKO F THE DAY Beach boys derby could be a realc racker Live cricket Eurosport, 12.
With a radio frequency range of 300 feet and 900 MHz frequency hopping, the racker responds quickly without interference from other RF sources.
So when, unable to cope with the despair, she commits suicide and is consigned to her personal vision of Hell, Chris, accompanied by a disapproving Albert and recruiting the enigmatic T racker (Max Von Sydow), determines to find and rescue her.