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a fast car that competes in races

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The ninth annual Interesting Vehicles Day hosted by Cummins Turbo Technologies at St Andrew's Road, Turnbridge, will feature the Cummins-Holset Penske racing car - fitted with a Holset turbocharger - which was driven to victory by Al Unser Snr in 1987 in the Indy 500 Motor Speedway.
The University of Birmingham students are being given PS3,000 from the Institute of Mechanical Engineering to help them fund a one-seat racing car they are creating.
We only use championship racing cars which are equipped with the latest safety accessories and are properly prepared to give people that once-in -a-lifetime experience of being a racing driver.
A 14-strong team of student engineers from Glyndw r University is building a racing car prototype for the Formula Student contest at Silverstone.
They have unveiled their new Formula racing car which will be competing in the 2013 Formula Student competition at Silverstone between July 3-7.
The decision comes in the wake of new regulations and guidelines that have been set up for such cars, especially racing cars which mainly fall under this category.
It is a lot of fun for all the family - anything can happen in Roary the Racing Car and it usually does
Motor-mad Jade, above, got hooked on karting aged 15 and last year stepped up to racing cars.
Known as the WorldFirst Formula 3 racing car, the single-seater vehicle was produced by a North East engine expert and a team from Warwick University.
Bayer HealthCare is donating its sponsorship space on the renowned #26 Andretti Green Racing car during the 2006 Indianapolis 500 to NHF.
In response to criticism from opposition political parties that the President's 2013 Budget has given exemptions to racing car imports, the government clarified that racing cars are not exempt from taxes.
ROARY the Racing Car and Big Chris will be driving to the Heritage Motor Centre tomorrow for a family fun day special.
A SPORTS racing car made in Staffordshire will make its debut at a Hagley Car Club event at Easter.
Although "supercars" carry price tags that brings race cars to mind--a single horsepower can cost as much as $1,200--unlike a racing car, they have to deliver daily driveability to someone who has spent, in the case of the Bugatti Veyron, around $1.
It is a small formula racing car, capable of going from zero to 60 mph in 3.