racing boat

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a boat propelled by oarsmen and designed for racing

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Racing boat deuce 2x / - (combi) for rowing under the weight of an athlete;single-row racing boat for rowing under the weight of an athlete
The fastest speed ever achieved by a pure racing boat was 511 kph in 1978 with a rocket engine.
The 42X Ducati Edition Cigarette Racing Boat zooms more than 120 mph, spurred by two staggered 1,100 hp Mercury racing engines.
Rigging; everything you always wanted to know about the ropes and the rigging, the winches and the mast of a cruising or racing boat.
A YACHTSMAN drowned when his racing boat capsized and he was trapped underwater when his safety harness caught on the boat's rigging.
A SAILOR swept off a racing boat by huge waves had an incredible escape yesterday.
It has launched its own racing boat and a racing team known as Construction Racing.
In the meantime he seems willing to ignore, at least temporarily, the failure of the SLA to ever put any real pressure on the employers (the trainers) to improve the pay and working conditions of stable staff, or in any meaningful way to rock the racing boat.
WE'VE teamed up with the National Boat, Caravan and Outdoor Show to offer TEN lucky readers the chance to win a thrilling 20-minute ride on a Zapcat racing boat.
Each day visitors will have the opportunity to win a ride in a Zapcat inflatable racing boat.
It is called "Alinghi, Switzerland" and depicts the racing boat in action.
A TWO tonne racing boat was stolen early yesterday from the side of a busy dual carriageway.
The deadly incident occurred when the prototype high-speed racing boat, traveling about 80 mph, became airborne on the choppy lake and flipped over, witnesses said.
Also, a racing boat sponsored by "Blondie" writer Dean Young will compete Sept.
It was, to a certain extent, an adjusted readymade: a racing boat (the Santa Cruz 27, originally created by designer Bill Lee), or at least its shell, the interior of which had been slightly modified, according to Pardo, to reflect his interest in the Modernist architecture of Rudolph Schindler's 1922 home.