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Synonyms for raciness

a strong odor or taste property

behavior or language bordering on indelicacy

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Organizers said the show is open to all ages, but people should consider it "PG-13" on the raciness scale.
the lustre and the polish, the raciness and the tenderness, country musing and big crunchy rock action.
the language, that is, of a community who lived in a German-speaking urban enclave surrounded by Czech-speaking country-dwellers, who seldom had contact with the raciness of popular speech in German, and therefore retained a plain, unadorned language of intercourse between merchants and scholars, civil servants and members of the middle and upper classes generally (Gray 1977:214).
Fracturing Binarisms to Create a Space of 'Jouissance:' Marie Cardinal's Au pays de mes raciness.
Such was the raciness of the booming home of the famous Melbourne Cup, it was not uncommon for heady hyperbole to run with an irrepressible vigour.
And some thighslapping red-blooded raciness from Mersey Tourism chairman, David Wade-Smith, above, added a little spice to the evening.
Women's Societies and Temperance Unions, as well as Catholic and Protestant organizations were scandalized by the new raciness of the movies, and they weren't afraid to lead boycotts.
The author seems to have replaced raciness with sending Rana to the most far-flung locales on earth.
In fact, Davies claims his reputation for raciness arose due to a misunderstanding about a comment he made concerning Pride and Prejudice.
But what the magazine lacked in raciness, it made up for in audacity.
According to Buroker, the raciness of "Deal or No Deal" was only a minor concern to AHA and Campbell's, a family brand, and was greatly overshadowed by the opportunity to reach the 16 million "Deal or No Deal" viewers.
The raciness of O'Rourke's title should not obscure the fact that this book is as much about the procreative ramifications of sex as about sex itself--the ethics of having and raising children.
And those of you who are used to the raciness of Francome's books (which Burden has also had a helping hand with), will find that this one goes even further in the raunchiness department.
Trim, slim, and with just a bit of raciness thrown in for good measure was the next P-series handgun to be offered--the P-93 9mm.
And then there was the ban of men's magazines FHM, Maxim and Stuff due to customer complaints about their raciness.