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Synonyms for raciness

a strong odor or taste property

behavior or language bordering on indelicacy

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If you prefer the herbaceous, raciness of a Kiwi sauvignon blanc, try Ara Sauvignon Blanc 2012, Marlborough, New Zealand (PS9.
Alternatively, if you prefer the herbaceous, raciness of a Kiwi sauvignon blanc, try Ara Sauvignon Blanc 2012, Marlborough, New Zealand (PS9.
The performance features cheeky camp raciness but it's also inventive.
They also read the same speech in the manner of a newsreader, in the style of an advertisement for fast food, with the raciness of a sports commentator and delivered with the sententiousness of a judge.
php) referenced some of Businessweek's other recent attempts at raciness, including a cover story on the Continental-United Airlines merger featuring two air planes positioned next to each other midair in a way that clearly evoked doggy-style sex.
Stephen Mitchell, who has translated everything from Rilke to Gilgamesh, manages to be more supple and swift here without lapsing into raciness.
Organizers said the show is open to all ages, but people should consider it "PG-13" on the raciness scale.
the lustre and the polish, the raciness and the tenderness, country musing and big crunchy rock action.
the language, that is, of a community who lived in a German-speaking urban enclave surrounded by Czech-speaking country-dwellers, who seldom had contact with the raciness of popular speech in German, and therefore retained a plain, unadorned language of intercourse between merchants and scholars, civil servants and members of the middle and upper classes generally (Gray 1977:214).
It is an energetic buzz in the wine's finish, almost like an electrical current running through the throat--a nervous raciness similar to acidity, with which it is often confused, but further back in the mouth.
once shocked chaste diners, even as the whiff of raciness enhanced the
Fracturing Binarisms to Create a Space of 'Jouissance:' Marie Cardinal's Au pays de mes raciness.
Such was the raciness of the booming home of the famous Melbourne Cup, it was not uncommon for heady hyperbole to run with an irrepressible vigour.
And some thighslapping red-blooded raciness from Mersey Tourism chairman, David Wade-Smith, above, added a little spice to the evening.