racial extermination

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systematic killing of a racial or cultural group

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The legal framework will establish five parallel levels of government--plurinational, departmental autonomy, regional autonomy, indigenous autonomy, and municipal autonomy--which require an arduous administrative mechanism for a country trying to eradicate centuries-old injustices without resorting to racial extermination, a mechanism so well-known in other corners of the world that are used as an example.
Goodman argues that the extreme violence of Rome's response to the Judean revolt was not born of a desire for racial extermination, rather the need to present the new Emperor, Vespasian, as a convincing victor over a threatening foreign enemy.
Nazi Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop denied knowledge of the concentration camps and racial extermination policies, but was found guilty and executed.
While there was certainly no large-scale racial extermination plan during the Korean War, estimates of up to a million executions by both sides have been reported.
Council literature, according to Sonneman, describes what happened to the Gypsies as "persecution," as against the attempted racial extermination of the Jews.
The Soviet-German war, the |Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union 1941-1945', proved to be far more than a series of battlefield encounters, gruelling and protracted though these were, emerging all too speedily as nothing less than a war of annihilation, (Vernicbtungskampf) coupled with yet another monstrous aspect, a war of racial extermination (Rassenkampf) directed against the |Jew-Bolshevik enemy' in particular and the Slav Untermensch, the sub-human, in general.