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of or characteristic of race or races or arising from differences among groups


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But, I hear you objecting, why is it that these racial memories are not ours as well, seeing that we have a vague other-personality that falls through space while we sleep?
I have this other-personality and these complete racial memories because I am a freak.
Not alone do I possess racial memory to an enormous extent, but I possess the memories of one particular and far-removed progenitor.
But in the long run their racial defects proved fatal; they were unable to combine in permanent and steady union, and tribe by tribe the newcomers drove them slowly back; until early in the seventh century the Anglo-Saxons were in possession of nearly all of what is now England, the exceptions being the regions all along the west coast, including what has ever since been, known as Wales.
Faustina seemed quite satisfied, though a little puzzled by my manner, having herself the racial tolerance for cold steel; and next moment she had taken away my breath.
I suppose they were exercis ing and developing their racial sentimentalism by the means of that dummy.
There was a complete- ness in it, something solid like a principle, and masterful like an instinct--a disclosure of something secret--of that hidden something, that gift, of good or evil that makes racial difference, that shapes the fate of nations.
It was only a little later that he perceived these latter public characters almost always to be impressive and of that rich racial hue which of itself served as a livery.
The Myth of Racial Color Blindness: Manifestations, Dynamics, and Impact
The authors investigated the role of race, racial identity attitudes and working alliance in counseling supervision using data obtained from supervisors in supervisory dyads.
1 in 2000 after the founder's daughter was one of 300 students denied their top high school choice because of a racial "tie-breaker.
Her book investigates the depth of racial prejudice that caused two young black men to be murdered at a sanctioned social event by the Ku Klux Klan on August 7, 1930, in Marion, Indiana.
The goal of the policy is to assure that no school deviates by more than 15 percent from the district's overall racial composition, which is 60 percent minority (African American, Asian, and Hispanic).
The Greensboro TRC is one of a growing set of initiatives in communities throughout the United States where residents are undertaking the project of racial reconciliation that starts with acknowledging historic incidents of racial violence.
The case raises the always-thorny issues of racial divisions, racial violence and what is or isn't a racial hate crime.