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axis of a compound leaf or compound inflorescence

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Furthermore, Slack (1994) suggested that the color of the rachis and barbs (typically brown in females) could also be useful for distinguishing between sexes; these could easily be incorporated as additional predictors in an MLR, if and when rachis and barb colors are scored.
CYCLOPHORIDAE Cyathopoma diegoense MAIZANIIDAE Maizania wahlbergi * * POMATIASIDAE Tropidophora nyasana Tropidophora ligata * Tropidophora insularis * * * Tropidophora zanguebarica TRUNCATELLIADE Truncatella marginata PUPILLIDAE Pupoides coenopictus GASTROCOPTIDAE Gastrocopta klunzingeri VERTIGINIDAE Nesopupa peilei Nesopupa corrugata Nesopupa bisulcata CERASTIDAE Gittenedouardia metuloides * Rhachistia catenata * * * Rachis cunctatoris * Limicena nyasana ACHATINIDAE Achatina immaculata * * * Achatina randabeli * * SUBULINIDAE Kempioconcha cf.
pineapple (Ananas comosus), bromeliads (Guzmania spp), banana (Musa spp), screw pine (Pandanus odoratissimus) and in the primary rachis of coconut (Cocos nucifera).
Inflorescence shortly paniculate, densely bipinnate, 22-30 cm long (including the terminal branch), 11-13 cm in diameter, erect, rachis nearly straight, green, glabrous, 0.
The women activists have decided to send rachis in large sumbers to Shah.
If a cluster is fully exposed to the sun on both sides, or if the rachis (the stem structure of a cluster) itself is damaged, then the cluster may be completely affected.
Leaves erect, without a rachis or a short rachis, not twining, not cine-like 9
For classification as POS, feather alterations in white-tailed sea eagles had to meet 6 or more of the following criteria: 1) loss of all or most flight and tail feathers and eventually covert feathers during the nestling or fledgling period (Fig 1); 2) longitudinal splitting or deformation of the rachis of the primary or secondary feathers and retrices (Fig 2b); 3) excessive keratin deposition on the ventral side of the rachis (Fig 2c); 4) extremely shortened primary and secondary feathers and retrices, including the calamus (Fig 3); 5) curved appearance of the primary and secondary feathers and retrices; 6) replacement of lost abnormal flight and tail feathers by new abnormal feathers; 7) new feathers easily removable; and 8) constriction of the distal part of the calamus.
DOTAREM(R) is indicated for adults, children and infants for magnetic resonance imaging for cerebral and medullary pathologies, rachis pathologies and other whole-body pathologies (including angiography).
2 and 5D): single, ribbed ovule organically connected to an ultimate rachis without replacing a pinnule of Neuropteris flexuosa Sternberg.
Park JC, Choi JS, Ok KD, Yu YB, Lee JH (1996) Phenolic compounds from the rachis of Cedrela sinensis.
With their high performance, low power consumption, flexible architectures and support for the latest version of Microsoft's popular embedded operating system, NEC's VR5500, VR5432 and VR4131 microprocessors are ideal processing solutions for set-top box and portable media player products," said Patrick Sansonetti, vice president of business operations, Rachis Corp.
We defined aposematic plants as those with thorns, spines, or prickles that are colored so that they contrast with the vegetative structure(s) (leaf, stem, twig, rachis, petiole) on which they are borne.
A strawberry rachis completed engulfed by a gray mold fungus, Botrytis cinerea.
Twice a week, the Mollydooker vineyard team physically measures the growth of the vines, and reports on canopy growth, rachis maturation and the Fruit Weight of the juice.