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axis of a compound leaf or compound inflorescence

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Black pycnidia producing black cirrhi (a mucus-bound ribbon-like mass of spores that exudes from a fungus) were observed on symptomatic leaf, petiole, pedicel and rachis tissue after 24 to 168 hours of incubation.
The species can easily be distinguished from the other species of the area by viscous branches, leaves with 18-20 pairs of leaflets, 1-3 extra floral nectaries localized on the rachis between the proximal pairs to leaflets and dry plane-compressed fruits.
The exfoliating bark, winged leaf rachis, and 3-valved fruits place this species in section Bursera, the "cuajiote" group in the Mexican mainland vernacular nomenclature (McVaugh and Rzedowski, 1965; Rzedowski et al.
This could be associated with a compensatory cervical hyperlordosis as a response to the arthrokinematic rachis equilibrium; however, it is now possible to clarify that lumbar hyperlordosis in women is more apparent than real because it is mainly conditioned by the high muscle and gluteal fat mass on the hip [23].
Rachis branches with spikelets remaining were regarded as surviving; otherwise, the aborted branches were counted (Kato et al.
Browning index of grape rachis was evaluated according to the browning scales as follows: 0, no browning; 1, browning scale less than a quarter of total area of rachis; 2, browning of scales less than 1/2 of total area of rachis; 3, browning of scales less than three-quarters of total area of rachis; and 4, more than 3/4 of total area of rachis.
Treelets, 3-9 (12) m tall, with stems, petioles and peduncles glabrous, leaves 25-30 x 13-16 cm, truncate to very oblique at the base, with the lobes shorter than the petioles, divergent and leaving a lateral sinus, with farinose texture in fresh leaves similar to velvet, very thick chartaceous, with green to reddish petioles, with prominent epidermal projections, spikes pendent, 20-30 cm long, with the rachis fimbriate, and with fruits 2.
In addition to be among the leading causes of many diseases such as sleep apnea and sleep disorders, these diseases have also a direct impact on the stomatognathic apparatus, composed of several muscles connected to cranio-mandibular structures, to the rachis, to the shoulder girdle and upper limbs.
Researchers at the University of Southampton have found that the feather shaft, or rachis, is made of a multi-layered fibrous composite, much like carbon fibre, which allows the feather to bend and twist to deal with flight stresses.
Classification "discogenic "des scolioses Lombaires degeneratives <50[grados]: Effondrement Disco-genique Rotatoire (EFDR) Rachis,no.
Observations were recorded on five randomly selected plants from each plot for 17 characters: PH, plant height (cm); PB, primary branches; SB, secondary branches; FLD, flowering duration; CW, canopy width (cm); RL, rachis length (mm); LL, leaf length (cm); DM, days taken to maturity; GH, growth habit; VG, vigor; PP, pods per plant; SPD, seed per pod; SPL, seed per plant; HSW, hundred seed weight (gm); BY, biological yield (gm); HI, harvest index and SY, seed yield (gm).
The flowers were measured (length and width) and quantified, estimating the average number per inflorescence and per rachilla and their positions on the rachis.
Pas de reaction a cet article Fadhel Moussa a ecrit sur facegook : Nouvelles plutot rassurantes sur Noomane Fehri , ajoutant que le diagnostic indique qu'il s'agit d'un traumatisme du rachis cervical, avec au depart suspicion de fracture de la 2eme vertebre cervicale, suspicion infirmee par le scanner.
Folia contemporanea, 3-6 quaeque stipem; rachis longa 33-50, quaeque latus continendo 8-15pinnas, cum distributione fere regularis longe rachidis et in uno plano insertas; pinnae cum 19-50 x 0,3-1,1 cm, consistentiae coriaceae, fere membranosae, cum transverse nervura sicut striis irregularites dispositis limbo.