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axis of a compound leaf or compound inflorescence

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Mesosoma narrower than head width; mesoscutum 1.4x wider than long, 3.6x longer than mesoscutellum, 6.3x longer than metanotum; protibial spur with apical portion of rachis with a row of about 10 elongate branches (not including apical portion of rachis).
Using a wide zigzag stitch, stitch down the feather-strip length, making sure the zigzag stitch extends over both sides of the cut rachis.
The analyzed data showed positive genotypic correlation with reference to the number of leaflets-NLL (0.1278), petiole width-PW (0.1091), petiole depth-PD (0.0867), rachis length-RL (0.2012), leaflet length-LLL (0.0253), leaflet width-LLW (0.0596), leaf area-LA (0.0845), leaf dry weight-LDW (0.1467), total leaf dry weight-TLDW (0.2766), specific leaf weight-SLW (0.0548) and vegetative dry matter-VDM (0.1107) (Table.2; Fig.1).
Stem browning was determined using a subjective scale (0-4), where 0 is no rachis darkening; 1 represents the onset of darkening of the pedicel region (to 50% complete) or the rachis apex; 2 indicates darkening of the pedicel region, from the apex up to 10% of the principal axis of the rachis; 3 represents a total darkening of the pedicel region and the apex, and 50% of the principal axis of the rachis; and 4 denotes the darkening of the pedicel, the apex, and more than 50% of the main axis (Pinto et al., 2015).
Black pycnidia producing black cirrhi (a mucus-bound ribbon-like mass of spores that exudes from a fungus) were observed on symptomatic leaf, petiole, pedicel and rachis tissue after 24 to 168 hours of incubation.
Many researchers have focused on the exploration of new cost-effective methods of CNFs production and their applications using various agricultural crops and residues or nonwood sources, such as wheat straw and soy hulls [17], sugar beet pulp [18], potato pulp [19], swede root [20], bagasse [21], sisal [22], algae [23], stems of cacti [24], banana rachis [25], and Posidonia oceanica [6, 8].
In this occasion, a rachis MRI evidenced GAG storages around the dens of the epistropheus and diameter reduction of upper cervical spinal canal (Figure 1).
The exfoliating bark, winged leaf rachis, and 3-valved fruits place this species in section Bursera, the "cuajiote" group in the Mexican mainland vernacular nomenclature (McVaugh and Rzedowski, 1965; Rzedowski et al., 2004), also known by the bajacalifornians as "torote".
Inoculations were done inside the 9 mm wound made by sterilized cork borer on rachis region and basal petioles of palm leaves.
Swelling of this callus causes divergence of the spikelet from the rachis (Vrijdaghs et al., 2011).
In the second stage, traditional postural descriptor parameters were characterized: a) Plantar footprint, b) Lumbo-pelvic equilibrium, c) Torso cervical segment, d) Torso lumbar segment, e) Rachis equilibrium, and f) Head equilibrium.
Thus, I measured and recorded bilateral traits for pairs of leaflets residing opposite one another across the central rachis, its plane of symmetry (Velickovic, 2008).
Survived spikelets per panicle (SSPP), differentiated secondary rachis branches (SB) were determined.