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mechanical device consisting of a toothed wheel or rack engaged with a pawl that permits it to move in only one direction

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Straps at chest level are used to pull the support into the neck, which can then be manually adjusted through a rachet system.
Lowe's entry into the Eugene-Springfield area would rachet up the competition in an already crowded home improvement market.
Developers Insomniac have used their Rachet and Clank experience to dream up some awesome weaponry for your arsenal.
With six teams between them and the relegation zone, that should be enough to keep them safe, but a win for the 17th-placed Blades would rachet up the pressure ( especially if Charlton win at Manchester City in the Premiership this evening.
We will continue to rachet up the penalties until we get that message across.
TLMI has taken visible steps recently to rachet up the quality of its meetings by providing serious education in the form of speakers like Harari, interactive work sessions, and practical contributions by the members.
No one identified the item, although it may be some sort of rachet.
Clever flashbacks substantially rachet up the film's unpredictability.
My praise is this: In two or three hours with this book, you can rachet up your knowledge in the field by several notches.
If the current provision has not been given a chance to work, why rachet it up (especially in view of the proposed elimination of the reasonable cause exception)?
But tonight Dorothy blows it all by pulling a Nurse Rachet.
Rather than wages and working conditions of workers in Mexico slowly rising to the levels of the United States or South Korea or Brazil, just the opposite is taking place: that is, the ability to globally locate production is serving to rachet down wages and working conditions.
CHICAGO -- Will this country's abundant, home-grown natural gas shale resources reach their full potential as a bridge fuel to a clean, green energy future or will market forces and onerous government restrictions combine to rachet down their explosive development?
Contract awarded for rachet wheel & thread feeding regulationfor quilting machine