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Synonyms for racer

Synonyms for racer

someone who drives racing cars at high speeds

a fast car that competes in races

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So this is a golden opportunity for the racers to prove themselves, Davin added.
Shadi Khel said that in addition to encouraging local youth to join car sport, foreign racers should also feature in the race to make it more interesting and colourful.
The F1 racer was not the only multimillion-dollar car sold at the auction: A 1955 Maserati 300S Sports-Racing Spider driven by Bill Spear and Sherwood Johnson sold for $6.
You have to have that special touch that the Wachowski Brothers have in order to make a film like Speed Racer," adds Emile, who watched all 52 episodes of the original Speed Racer cartoon to get under his character's skin.
In order to ensure five-nines reliability, the Power Racer features 2+1 450W, load-sharing, redundant power supplies.
In the end, it all come down to Swiss racer Marius Strobel versus American racer Gary Cross.
The popular film "The Fast and The Furious" depicts a world of youthful street racers who are able to afford expensive import/sports cars, often customized with costly accessories.
The interest and acceptance of Linux as a mainstream operating system platform is steadily increasing as eBusiness becomes a mandatory business model for companies doing business in the 21st Century," stated Racer President and Chief Executive Officer Mike Mahmoodi.
Competitors divide into groups of five (including at least one woman), and if any one racer drops out the whole team is disqualified.
Mohammad Jaafar, a Kuwaiti racer, won the MX2 category, clinching the second place, followed by his compatriot Moath Al-Ansari, while the first place went to their compatriot Fahad Al-Musalam in the Quad category.
Instead of EZ-Rocket's two alcohol and liquid oxygen-fueled engines, each racer will be powered by a single engine fueled by liquid oxygen and kerosene.
To overcome that slowing force, a racer must increase their power by eight times.
The RACER Trust will host more than 200 local, state and national officials, economic development leaders and site selection specialists at the historic Willow Run Plant from 10 a.
DOHA, Feb 15 (KUNA) -- Kuwaiti racer Salah Bin Eedan won fourth round of Kuwait rally that concluded here late on Saturday.