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usually elongate cluster of flowers along the main stem in which the flowers at the base open first

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The light interception by plants is greater when using low densities, resulting in a higher biomass production and emission of racemes; whereas high plant densities lead to plants with lower number of racemes (Soratto et al., 2011).
Thrips damage rating and thrips counts in flowers: In field trial, visual rating of thrips damage was recorded during raceme and mid-podding stage (37-55 days after planting) using the visual rating scale developed by Jackai and Singh (1988) (Table 1).
The descriptors PRI, SD, MIL, NI, and FLO were analyzed during full flowering of the primary raceme, whereas the descriptors NRH, PH and FD were observed when the racemes were mature to the point of harvest.
Above one half value of predictability ratio revealed predominance of additive gene action for the characters viz., days to 50% flowering of primary raceme, plant height up to primary raceme, number of nodes up to primary raceme, number of effective branches per plant, length of primary raceme, effective length of primary raceme, number of capsules on primary raceme, number of secondary spikes per plant, total number of capsules per plant, test weight of 100 kernels, kernel length, kernel width, seed yield per plant and oil content.
Path analysis depicted that pods per raceme influenced positively and directly seed yield (pc=0.60**) and flowers per raceme had a positively indirect effect via pods per raceme on seed yield (pc=0.40**).
Inflorescences composed of dyads, triads or monads grouped in spikes or racemes, found in the leaf axils or solitary.
These species and genera have adapted to harsh conditions and produce high numbers of male and female flowers but exhibit a low percentage of fruiting per raceme in both wild and cultivated population.
smyrnensis Bunge Raceme disposition in spike-shaped in panicles compound panicles, solitary at their base.
Nine characters including leaflet number, number of flowers per raceme, calyx tooth length and pod curvature differed (p < 0.05) between the two varieties but for all characters the range of values overlapped between the two varieties.
"My acting skills have come experientially," Raceme tells me, admitting that she has never actually taken an acting class.
Each honeybee was used to pollinate only a single raceme's open flowers of a given day, then discarded, as crosses were specific to a given plant (geitonogamy) or geographic source (outcrossing).
Interminable verdancy * Plains of plants * Calligraphic raceme
The bag was placed over a branch with a flower raceme or with foliage only and was closed up with clamps around the stem of the branch.
Bromeliad inflorescences are always a spike or a raceme (only main axis) or represent a compound inflorescence (panicle, with side branches).
They are held on slender pedicels and are arranged on a central stem to form a raceme. Flowers are short-lived, with petals falling a few days after the flower opens.