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usually elongate cluster of flowers along the main stem in which the flowers at the base open first

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bracteata blooms during May when the prairie is coming out of a winter's senescence, forming conspicuous clumps of ramets with pale yellow-flowering racemes among the emerging vegetation.
The flowers of the plant are 2 cm or more long and are densely crowded, conspicuous, red or red purple and in dense racemes.
In bromeliads inflorescences are constructed of spikes (flowers sessile) or racemes (flowers on a stalk) or compound structures of them (panicle) or reduced to 1-flowered spikes.
But in areas where the climate is less stable, this strategy may not work, and it may be more adaptive to produce racemes or cymes where only a fraction of the meristems produce flowers at any one time.
Paying a mortgage that should be covered by rental raceme is putting a strain on his finances.
In nearby Costa Rica, management strategies such as this one, combined with raceme from ecotourism, have been successfully implemented to protect these amazing reptiles.
The Southeast boasts the highest median raceme, at US$ 93,100, which is about 2% higher than the nationally reported median income.
Furthermore, a pattern of a higher fruit production in the central zone of the raceme, as observed in Myrosmodes cochleares, Epilobium dodonaei, and E.
The bag was placed over a branch with a flower raceme or with foliage only and was closed up with clamps around the stem of the branch.
The terminal, tapering portion of stem bears a number of flowering heads; flowering heads in terminal branched raceme, ovoid, 0.
The inflorescence is a loose raceme of yellow petals that appear more commonly after sufficient rainfall in the warmer seasons.
According to the survey of 1,000 workers age 25 and over, 23% of African American workers count on Social Security to make up the largest share of their retirement raceme, and blacks are 13% more likely than American workers overall to say they will rely most heavily on Social Security for retirement income.
The RHS describes Eucomis as bulbous perennials forming a large basal rosette of strap-shaped leaves, with an erect stem bearing a dense raceme of star-shaped flowers, topped by a crown of leafy bracts.
5 cm wide, wide arching, not drooping in habit, leaf bases persistent, enclosing pseudobulbs within; raceme pendulous to 25 cm long; sepals and petals with broad dark purple central band, edges pale green, less than 2 cm long, 0.
The perennial blooms prolifically during late spring, producing a central raceme and often 10 or more satellite racemes.