race driver

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someone who drives racing cars at high speeds

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Everyone is gearing up for the big race and we are getting huge response from emerging race drivers for the Hub Rally participation,' Chief Organizer and Chief Executive THM Shujaat Sherwani told reporters.
Most people dare not even dream of an F1 or race driver career because the various steps on the ladder are so expensive.
TOCA Race Driver is probably the best racing game on offer on the PC at present and with multiplayer available I can only imagine the vehicular carnage about the take place over the internet.
Coupled with a damage system based on real crash tests, TOCA Race Driver has plenty of depth, providing a more realistic and enjoyable experience.
TOCA Race Driver puts you in the driver's seat of a blisteringly fast race car as you use all your courage and skill to take yourself from rookie to a world-beating race driver.
The latest iteration, TOCA Race Driver, clearly has its eye on the American market: the BTCC is still in the game in all its glory, but so are race series from around the world.
Williams picked Heidfeld ahead of Antonio Pizzonia as a race driver only at the last moment but after the German grabbed third place in Malaysia, he believes he made the right choice.