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the fur of the North American racoon

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an omnivorous nocturnal mammal native to North America and Central America

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Attaining raccoon rabies management goals: history and challenges, p.
Raccoon rabies is the greatest epizootic on record, is rampant along the Atlantic seaboard, and has recently extended westward (Gehrt, 2003).
The American East Coast epizootic of raccoon rabies jumped across the St.
They find that raccoon rabies could spread throughout the state in just three years.
More than 35,000 cases of raccoon rabies were reported in the eastern states in 1998.
Most are associated with the mid-Atlantic raccoon rabies epizootic[4] where human population density is high.
No human deaths have been attributed so far to raccoon rabies, but unvaccinated dogs and cats have died.
Control of raccoon rabies is vital to public health for people.
Viral excretion in domestic ferrets (Mustela putorius furo) inoculated with a raccoon rabies isolate.
That is how raccoon rabies, which had historically been limited to the Southeastern corner of the United States, started its spread into the Northeast in the 1970s, first reaching Massachusetts in 1992, according to rabies expert Michael A.
APHIS conducts this program each fall in select areas in the eastern United States to prevent the further spread of raccoon rabies other regions.
Oral rabies vaccination has contributed to the elimination of the red fox rabies virus variant and the canine rabies virus variant from several European countries and the United States, respectively, and has helped to prevent any appreciable spread of the raccoon rabies virus variant in the eastern United States (1).
Comparison of suburban vaccine distribution strategies to control raccoon rabies.
6%) had infections associated with a bat rabies virus variant and only one with the raccoon rabies virus variant (8,9).