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small wild dog of eastern Asia having facial markings like those of a raccoon

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Raccoon dog, Tas2r genes, Phylogenetic analysis, Positive selection, Diet.
A Korean native with an unusual tail-first form, Raccoon Dog surpasses a speed of 95 mph/153 km per hour and up to 5 Gs of acceleration.
But lab Microtex found it was fur from a raccoon dog, a wild relative of foxes and wolves.
In the present study, a LAMP method for identifying raccoon dog meat was developed and validated.
In the raccoon dog (Emura et al, 2006), each filiform papilla on the apical surface of the tongue had several pointed processes, and the filiform papillae of the lingual body consisted of a main papilla and some secondary papillae.
Raccoon dogs have become increasingly popular as pets in this country in recent years.
During 1929-1955, the raccoon dog Nyctereutes procyonoides was introduced into Europe.
According to the Washington Post, the Humane Society reported that several big name stores were selling coats that were trimmed with raccoon dog, an Asian dog that looks like a raccoon.
Of 25 coats tested, the fur on 20 of the garments was identified as raccoon dog and three domestic dog.
Entries are sorted by genus, including arctic foxes, the mysterious small-eared dog of South America, the familiar jackals, coyotes and wolves of genus Canis, the crab-eating fox, maned wolf, dhole, raccoon dog, bat-eared dog, culpeo and chilla, and a surprising number of other foxes such as the Tibetan Sand Fox.
VILE: Raccoon dog is clubbed; HORROR: Fox's head is crushed; CRUEL: Dog at knifepoint; SICK: Skinned animals at roadside
This Japanese tale, beautifully illustrated, is about a priest and a furry tanuki (a raccoon dog).
It has also been found in the raccoon dog and Chinese ferret badger.
The study found several coronaviruses closely related genetically to the SARS coronavirus in the raccoon dog and the masked palm civet, and also discovered antibodies against the SARS coronavirus in the Chinese ferret badger, the WHO official said.