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Synonyms for raccoon

the fur of the North American racoon

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an omnivorous nocturnal mammal native to North America and Central America

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In some cases, exceedingly small amounts of raccoon dog meat are mixed with meat of other species.
The association between raccoons and urbanization likely results from their ability to exploit human garbage as a food source given their ability to manipulate objects with their paws deftly (Whipple, 1904) and the catholic diet of the raccoon (Gehring and Swihart, 2003).
Raccoons eat almost anything, live in many different habitats, including cities, and can climb buildings as well as trees!
Because there is no commercially available serologic test for baylisascariasis, a history of raccoon exposure and a high index of clinical suspicion are necessary to make the diagnosis.
The raccoon drops down from a hole in the ceiling taking time to pick the perfect donut.
Escaped raccoons could become real pest in Wales, a wildlife expert has warned.
Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot Steal The Galaxy
Most exposure occurs when humans have direct or indirect contact with raccoon droppings, which can contain millions of roundworm eggs.
Raccoon dog Ronnie escaped from owner David McDonald's home on Tuesday and brief sightings of the animal in the grounds of Wallsend Hall, in North Tyneside, led to speculation it was a wild animal roaming free.
Brief glimpses of the animals in the grounds of Wallsend Hall led to speculation it could have been the first sighting of a raccoon roaming free.
As I described in WDJ's July issue, on the night of June 1st, my dog Ella, an 11-pound Norwich Terrier, was attacked by a raccoon in my backyard.
Times Two is an endearing narrative that features a young raccoon being reassured by a parent about just how far love can reach.
Rocky the raccoon jumped into the box like an excited child, while Trevor the red-ruffed lemur sniffed at a red and gold wrapped present.
Box of fun: Rocky the raccoon enjoying his festive treat.
Upstairs, I found the sink blocked with a loo roll, the taps on full, and a naughty raccoon having the time of her life - splashing in the sink.