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Synonyms for raccoon

the fur of the North American racoon

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an omnivorous nocturnal mammal native to North America and Central America

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Leaving the grocery store to find 2 cops charging at a raccoon in a car for 15 minutes until dead:/ you would think if it had rabies they would shoot him instead of torturing.
A Korean native with an unusual tail-first form, Raccoon Dog surpasses a speed of 95 mph/153 km per hour and up to 5 Gs of acceleration.
Large and heavily infected raccoon populations probably contaminate many regions with B.
The post Pregnant female raccoon on the loose in Nicosia appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Accurate population estimates of generalist species, such as the raccoon (Procyon lotor) are important for multiple reasons.
Raccoon Family Adventures (Animal Family Adventures)
Prevention through close monitoring of children at play, frequent handwashing, and clearing of raccoon latrines (communal sites where raccoons defecate) are critical interventions in curbing Baylisascaris infections.
TORONTO, , Rabi'I 20, 1437, December 31, 2015, SPA -- raccoon was caught on video attempting to steal a donut from a Toronto coffee shop, according to UPI.
In 2006 a pet raccoon went missing from his home in Ruthin and was captured three weeks later on the roof of a garden shed in Buckley, 15 miles away.
Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot Steal The Galaxy
Most exposure occurs when humans have direct or indirect contact with raccoon droppings, which can contain millions of roundworm eggs.
Raccoon dog Ronnie escaped from owner David McDonald's home on Tuesday and brief sightings of the animal in the grounds of Wallsend Hall, in North Tyneside, led to speculation it was a wild animal roaming free.
Brief glimpses of the animals in the grounds of Wallsend Hall led to speculation it could have been the first sighting of a raccoon roaming free.
Insider understands that, in fact, one of the lead characters - Rocket Raccoon, which is voiced by Hollywood hottie Bradley Cooper - was inspired by the Fab Four.
As I described in WDJ's July issue, on the night of June 1st, my dog Ella, an 11-pound Norwich Terrier, was attacked by a raccoon in my backyard.