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a family of proteins found in blood and milk and muscle and in plant seed

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To assess their compliance to rabies immune globulin administration and complete course of intradermal rabies vaccination.
Trainees in this "index flight" received their first dose of vaccine that evening and received human rabies immune globulin 3 days later, after sufficient local supply was established.
This treatment must consist of the administration of rabies immune globulin and vaccination with rabies vaccine.
The importance of proper wound care, postexposure vaccination with modern tissue-culturevaccine and the administration of human rabies immune globulin, where indicated, must be reinforced.
Prompt and thorough wound cleaning, administration of human rabies immune globulin, and vaccination using a 4-dose schedule of a cell culture rabies vaccine as soon as possible after rabies virus exposure can eliminate the risk for rabies in nearly all cases (2,5,6).
Although a theoretical risk exists for adverse effects from rabies immune globulin and killed rabies virus vaccines, several studies assessing the safety of this treatment have failed to identify these risks (3-6).
Nonetheless, he noted that a 1999 report from the CDC found that "because of the nearly 100% case-fatality ratio of human rabies and the virtually complete effectiveness of PEP, many mass exposure incidents prompt administration of rabies immune globulin and vaccine, even if the circumstances do not meet the criteria for exposure.
The disease is preventable if exposure to the virus is promptly followed by wound cleaning, administration of rabies immune globulin, and rabies vaccination (3).
However, the presence of rabies VNA was not detected until after she had received single doses of rabies vaccine and human rabies immune globulin (HRIG).