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unrestrained excitement or enthusiasm

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The resulting image is astounding for the sheer spectacle, the rabidity of the crowd, and the ways in which it renders insignificant and anonymous the men executed.
I have never disguised my opposition to Britain's membership of the European Union which has done untold damage to this country, but this opposition is based on reason, not rabidity.
Today, Churchill's words echo sharply as a new strain of fascistic rabidity threatens freedom everywhere and such state-of-the-art aircraft as the F-22A Raptor and the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) ready for battle.
We could ask why the editors of Graywolf cleared it for publication, and what Charles Simic was doing collaborating with such rabidity.
Readers interested in a summary of the many forceful journalistic critiques of Clintonism without the rabidity that characterizes much of the genre will welcome Joseph Hayden's Covering Clinton.