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an acute viral disease of the nervous system of warm-blooded animals (usually transmitted by the bite of a rabid animal)

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It was during that euphoric era that the First World Conference on Muslim Education was held at Makka al-Mukarrama (31 March-8 April 1977/12-20 Rabic al-Thani 1397) with an encompassing theme: "Basis for an Islamic Education System".
As Abu Rabic notes, these Muslim religious authorities "had allied themselves with the colonists, and this situation wreaked havoc in the world of Islam.
It's even less likely that those in premium classes would be willing to shell our cash for a rabic.
Ethnos i demokratija [Ethnos and Democracy] (Sarajevo: Rabic, 2006), 20-21; Vjekoslav Perica.
Legends for illustrations or figures: Type legends double-spaced, starting on a separate page, with rabic numbers corresponding to the illustrations or figures.
A rabic satellite TV network al-Jazeera broadcast footage yesterday of what it believed was two dead British soldiers.