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arousing to action or rebellion

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Above all, the NRC process is court mandated, driven by legal and just imperatives, and it is precisely why it needs to be spared the rabble-rousing and point-scoring.
Turbocharged Theresa" Political commentator Quentin Letts, describing the Prime Minister's Tory conference speech as"terrific rabble-rousing stuff" "Theresa May is a real politician.
From colonial-era portraits and rabble-rousing scenes of British perfidy to the haunting 2010 print no world by Kara Walker, THREE CENTURIES OF AMERICAN PRINTS FROM THE NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART (Thames & Hudson, $60) offers splendid reproductions and a refined design.
VENOM-filled, rabble-rousing, troublestirring Nigel Farage playing the victim is deluded self-pity from a political leader either ignorant or in denial about the dangerous results of his spiteful bile.
But don't expect some rabble-rousing sectarian demagoguery from Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani.
Not all captains are great orators, Bobby Moore wasn't a rabble-rousing captain at all, but he was a really nice guy who everybody liked and followed his example.
The subjects for an unedifying week of highdecibel discussions were the usual rabble-rousing crowdpleasers guaranteed to incite filmic fury...
Opponents and former supporters accuse Kejriwal of rabble-rousing and there have been violent clashes between his followers and supporters of the BJP.
Britain's response to Woolwich has been calmer than some had feared - notwithstanding some rabble-rousing by the English Defence League on Saturday.
The economy is sinking to new lows by the day, but our politicians are too busy engaging in the only thing they know -- uttering platitudes, rabble-rousing, pandering to unions and demanding punishment of those responsible for the catastrophe.
And rather than any debate, it will only consist of a couple of rabble-rousing speeches and a bunch of workshops for wannabe Tory councillors.
Songs seek to emulate the rabble-rousing anthems of the past but with limited success.
High time to get the vocal chords into shape therefore, and on Monday EMI release England The Album 2010, a collection of 22 tracks that range from the heart-tugging through the tub-t humping to the downright rabble-rousing.
Mr Woodley should become known as a listed example of last century's rabble-rousing, an exhibit of outstanding picket-line merit - but then, he'd not get paid anything like the pounds 122,108 in salary and benefits he pocketed from Unite in 2008, a 30 per cent rise on the previous year.
Before dismissing their work as rabble-rousing or writing a scathing letter admonishing their audacity, take a look at Don't Swallow Your Gum!