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large European chimaera

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Rabbitfish are medium-sized herbivorous fish native to the Indo-Pacific region, thriving in coastal areas.
In the studies carried out with phenoxyethanol; the shorter induction time and the longer recovery time were observed (rabbitfish, Siganus rivulatus, Soto and Burhan-ud-Din, 1995; marbled spinefoot, Ghanawi et al., 2013; Rainbow Trout Oncorhynchus mykiss, Yildiz et al., 2013).
A citizen scientist spotted a popular aquarium fish, the blotched foxface, a species of rabbitfish, while scuba diving offshore of Dania Beach, Florida, last week.
Turf seaweed, often found in warmer waters, has taken over, as have subtropical and tropical species like parrotfish and rabbitfish, typically found in coral reefs.
Prices of some fish, like safi (rabbitfish), will stay relatively stable, he said, while others, like hammour (grouper) will see a big surge.
In tilapia, pituitary SL transcripts were significantly reduced during 4 weeks fasting [43], whereas pituitary SL mRNA levels were unaffected by either fasting or re-feeding in rabbitfish [44].
Rabbitfish and red-toothed triggerfish were also among the fish released back into their natural habitat by a team from the aquarium who highlighted the importance of protecting the marine environment.
The project is tracking the movements of rabbitfish which leave the safety of the marine reserve each full moon to spawn at a granitic offshore reef.
Thacker R, Nagle D, Paul V (1997) Effects of repeated exposures to marine cyanobacterial secondary metabolites on feeding by juvenile rabbitfish and parrotfish.
"We also want to introduce hammour (grouper) and safi (rabbitfish), but we're waiting for the government to provide us with the initial amounts."
In the coastal areas, the spring season, where we have the quite sea again, is a season of sea-entry and fishing, as fish vary, taste more delicious, including lobster, kingfish, sardines, rabbitfish and emperor and other Large Pelagics and Demersal with high nutritional value.
Fishpond owners had also cut significantly their expenses by feeding the seaweed to their rabbitfish (Siganid sp) stocks locally known as "malaga."